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This is for all the people who hurt me, For all the tears I have cried, For all the people who desert me, And all the feelings I hide. I have given up on trying, I cant take anymore, From all the hurt, the lies, and crying, I have nothing to be here for. I have given my love away, And its been taken in vain, So many times now till today, There is nothing left to gain. And now I have to say goodbye, And live my life in sorrow, But now here as I lie, I look foreward to no tomorrow. I simply ask you dont forget, Whatever thought it be, Of love, of hate, of annoyance to bet, Whatever you may see. Just dont forget the girls whose eyes, Were never dry from tears, And dont let the same lies, Escape over the years. Stop the hate and stop the lies, And don't betray or pain, Dry the tears from your loved ones eyes, And the hurt from your friends name. Again I ask you not forget, For everyones sake but mine, And if you do you wont regret, The feelings you have over time. Live like there's no tomorrow, And always live so true, Replace happiness instead of sorrow, I wish I could have too. †Syn†