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You know right now at this point I have learned you can only count your true friends on one hand. Sadly, as much as I didn't want to think it, it was true. Some that I list here are fairly new friends, but despite that fact I adore all of them here to death, and I'd do anything for each of them.

Emily (A.K.A Sid) - Emily I've known since preschool, that's what I can say for that. We've had our hard times and our differences, but by God I'd do anything for that girl. She's crazy, and quite outspoken, but that's never a bad thing. She wants a point made, she will make it. She's a pretty bold girl, and quite a tough girl. Despite what she says, I know she has a sweet side. That's my Emmy for you!

Kacy (A.K.A. Jade) - Alright, so get this: Me and Kacy started out by hating each others guts, and all over a boy that I've known since preschool (Yeah, I still know quite a few people from preschool). We both found out it was some big miscommunication on our parts, and some intentional fucking up on his, and called the hating quits. Now she is one of my good friends, and we're planning to move in together! Muahahaha, party world, watch out, here comes Jade and Syn, (Probably Emmy too) living in their own house together!

Shannon (No Alias) - Shannon is another girl I have known since I was younger, though I don't think it was as early as preschoo. She's always been my good conscience, so to speak. She's got a great heart and mind, and is smart as all hell. She has got a good head on her shoulders, and has got a lot going for her. She's always going to be my good bud, even if I don't keep in touch that well.

Mike (A.K.A. Halcyon) - Alright, so as of this moment, April 2002, I have only known Mike for a few months, if even that. I met him at a pool hall, and I'm really glad I did. He is a wonderful guy, a total sweetheart, and far more talented then he likes to give himself credit for. In fact, he is the one that helped me entirely re-design my web page. He is one of those really open-minded people, who remains non-judgemental and looks at things for both the good and the bad. I'm really glad I met this guy, and I'd like to consider him one of my good friends.

Well..that's them. My 4 best friends. Surprising, huh? I'm sure coming in the future people will be added onto this page, but I can guarantee that if anyone is ever taken off, it wont be any of these four people. You know, I wish I could tell everything about all these people so everyone else would know why I think they are so great, but I shouldn't have to explain to everyone else in the world why they are. I know it, and that is good enough.