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Why does it have to be this way, I think its up to fate, I don't want to see another day. And my hurt has turned to hate. There's no such thing as love anymore, There's nothing in my heart, The pain within seems to bore, And doesn't want to part. The thought of trust devoured, Eaten up by lies, My life I live is soured, And no tears come to my eyes. So when I look into the mirrror, I couldn't seem more dead, My image couldnt be clearer, Before me and in my head. Perhaps its meant to be this way. For me to be alone, But in it I have no say, Its already been condoned. So now I sit and wonder, What hurt fate has in store, Lonely as I Ponder, Feelings seeming no more. I'll give up on my trying, I'll stop trying to pretend, No longer am I crying, I wish soon would be the end. †Syn†