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Name: Xaya Burdain

Age: Appears about 19

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130 pounds

Gender: Female

Race: Half Vampire, Half Demon

Clan: Malkavian

Demon Class: High Shadow Demon

Weapon: Shadow Stryke

Weapon Class: Sword

Appearance: In Hybrid form only her demon wings protrude from her back, masking any grotesque demon features that she has on the rest of her body. In Humanoid form, she looks completely human, but her vampiric "traits" show more in this form. Her vampire "traits" being her extended canines, pale skin and inhuman strength which she carries with her in all forms. In demon form, which she tries not to show because she is ashamed of it, she can be farely grotesque, but only shows this side of her when enraged. Finally her shadow form is taking on the complete traits of a shadow as well as the movements. In her Demon form she has an immunity to fire, though this is not carried with her when she has the appearance of human flesh, such as in her Humanoid and Hybrid form.


Though where she came from is unknown, the history of Xaya consists of a main happening. A Shadow Demoness, shapeshifting and causing trouble where she pleased is how Xaya spent most of her life. Her main delights that were assisted by her beauty and talents were causing "trouble" with men (Always a fun past time) and fights with women. She kept on with this as her life passed by, though never seeming to age, as she is a demon. Wandering about a city one night, a strange man lured her to him, using the same inticing deception as she, and tainting her brain with the madness of Malkav. The ruthless soul was a vampire, a very cruel one at that, leaving her in life a strange one, like him, her blood tinged with his own. Most of the time she hid the madness, no longer setting out to cause trouble as she kept herself hidden when her blood boiled with rage and the insanity of Malkav. Though she keeps herself hidden and it is a rarity to see her, be watchful of her, it isn't easy to keep madness within one's self...

-Spells and Magic-

Though only using her magic to defend herself, Xaya is very skilled in shadow spells and dark magic. Taught these over her life span, from strangers that she met as she wandered, some of her magic can bring severe turmoil to one if she chooses it so. Below are some of her spells.

Shadow Sting
A black spear of dense dark matter that can penetrate flesh, wood, and other objects as if it were a metal object. If flesh is pierced it leaves behind traces of dark matter that makes healing difficult unless done with light magic, to rid the wound of the dark matter.

Minds Eye
A telepathic link to a chosen persons mind, allowing the caster to see what the person sees as if from their point of view. This is undetected by most races and is useful for spying on people.

Hells Cry
An unbearably high pitched sound that only the person who the spell is cast upon can hear. If cast for a prolonged period of time it can the person go temporarily or permanently deaf.

Searing Sanctuary
A complete encasing of black flame, taking its form in a wall, dome, or even the shape of something. this spell can be used to imprison someone, or protect if needed. The black flame can melt metal objects and seriously injure or kill anyone who interfears and is not protected by the spell.

Bone and Flesh Craft
Spells that allow the flesh and bone of other creatures or herself to be changed and formed into anything desired by the caster of the spell. This can be somewhat painful at times, more so to creatures that have no changing ability. It can also be fatal if intended, and changes are permanent unless removed by the spell. If the changes are not removed by the spell only surgical procedures can change or remove them.

Shadow Take
A "suit" that seems almost like a cat-suit or skin itself, that molds itself to the persons body shape. It is made completely of dark matter and acts as a suit of armour or camoflauge.