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"You get more with poisoned honey then with wretched faces...."

Name: Tasia Layne Deveroux

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 135-145 Lbs.

Eyes: Jade

Hair: Raven Black

Age: Appears about 20

Gender: Female

Race: Vampire

Occupation: Seductress

Weapon: Bitter Degree

Weapon Class: Cross-Bladed Sword

Other Weapons: A retractable throwing dart that is mounted beneath her glove under her wrist. Is shaped like a small knife attached to a thin cable that if her wrists is flexed the right way, it can be extended up to 20 feet at a very deadly speed.

-Spells and Magic-

  • -Sable's Charm- Sables Charm is a spell, that when cast on someone, makes that person see the one who cast the spell with no hatred, only beauty. This can sometimes come in handy for her ways with stubborn men.
  • Hell Flash- Hell Flash is a silent attack that can be done with concentration. Without warning it can emit a sudden bright red flash right before the attackers eyes, causing them to go temporarily blind.
  • Nightmare- A dark flash that appears, causing the opponent to lose their sights on reality, seeing their true horror happening to them. In fear they attack themselves to rid them of the illusion.
  • Hell's Remorse- A Fireball of energy that spirals to the opponent, trailed by a ribbon of dark energy that can cause severe damage on impact.
  • Shadow Shroud and Shadow Play- Allows Tasia or whomever the magic is used on to either appear as the shadows or twist and use them to their will.

  • -History-

    Embraced many centuries ago by the Patriarch of the Deveroux clan, Tasia has been responsible for finding suitable "pets" for her family. Her stunning looks and dominating composure lure both males and females to her grasp, before she begins ruling them with a iron fist concealed in a velvet glove. So strong is her power over her minions, that they willingly obey her every word. Tasia makes no seperation between pain and pleasure as a way to enforce her will, and delights in bringing both to her victims.

    -Nemo Me Impune Lacessit-