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Kali Deveiza Storm

"Nemo me impune Lacessit."

Name: Kali Deveiza Storm

Age: Unknown

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 125-135 lbs.

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kali is a fairly slim girl with a fair build, andvery attractive at the same time. She is pale skinned with long deep purple hair that goes past her waist, and dark eyes, an onyx color, that usually tends to change color depending on her mood. She has the the crest BC (Blood Crusader) Tattooed on her right upper arm, and another tattoo that runs from the right side of her neck just below her ear, beneath her right arm, around her back, and down to her opposite hip. The design is a partial tribal and thorned vine in one.

Race: Unknown

Weapon: "Scaryce"

Weapon Class: Sword


There is not much known about Kali's past, She remembers being left as a teenager in the woods, and growing up there in the time that passed, taking a love to the woods, as well as the night time which seemed to be almost constant in the dark place. Soon she started venturing, and came to wander upon many places, meeting some very"strange" people in her sense, in a way who she was a bit jealous of for their strange powers and gifts. She is still this way, the only "gift" she has is being able to show her mood through the color of her eyes, though not knowing why. Later on in life she became a member of the BC, The Blood Crusaders, who she will always be loyal to. In that time she also met a man named Griffon Maxwell, who is now the love of her life. Kali will do anything for Griffon, even die for him, which some may find foolish, but not in her eyes.