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For centuries the House of Kryon was strong. A solid family of Lords and Ladies from generation to generation until the darkest of years, when demons plagued mankind with their wickedness. For a short time Lord Nicholas Kryon and his wife, Lady Aria Kryon, managed to avoid the plague and continue to live their lives out in peace. It wouldn't be long before their tranquil lives were subjected to the same suffering as others. Peace never seems to last in this cruel world, and the fall of the House of Kryon would soon be at hand. Lady Aria was visited night after night in her sleep by a terrifying dream, what was once merely subconscious thought slowly manifested itself deep into her reality. The dreams were of Xatar, a demon whom she'd come to know by name due to the frequency of his visits. He would play with her mind as she slept, dancing visions of death and decay before her while she was helpless to defend, leaving her fearful of sleeping at all. Lady Aria grew weaker with time, and this demon saw fit to torture her with a more personal touch. When her husband slept, exausted from staying by his wife's side, Xatar would come. In her frail condition, both mentally and physically, she was unable to muster the will to resist the demon any longer. He coaxed her to the garden where she was brutally ravaged and left for her husband to find, bloodied, bruised, and with the demon's seed safe within her womb. Only for so long could Lady Aria hide that she was now carrying inside her this atrocity, this demon child which grew within her. Soon this deadly secret was discovered by Lord Nicholas, who now shunned and cursed his wife, whom he once loved with his all. Disgusted by the woman and the entirety of the act itself, he took his own life. The House of Kryon had fallen, Xatar delighted at his work. So Lady Aria fled, alone and unable to rid herself of the demon spawn within her, as it was still a part of her. The child was born a female, a genetic freak, both demon and human blood flowed through her veins. The name given to her was Illora Kryon. Lady Aria did her best to raise the child, though it was met with difficulty, Illora's looks were different than normal children's, as well as personality, after all she was part demon. As Illora grew older Lady Aria knew she would have to speak of Illora's father, whom she asked of so often, along with many other questions. Questions of why she was so different from others, who considered her an outcast. As Illora became a young woman the time drew near to reveal unto her the past which should have been forgotten. When the truth had been layed out for her daughter, Illora became enraged with disbelief. She cursed and screamed as Aria begged her to believe. In the end she relieved her mother of this mortal coil, finally seeing what truly lived within her. Now many years later her mother long since dead, Illora is still troubled, but sometimes vicious in her ways. For a time she went into hiding in the woods, isolated from most of the population and their criticism and hate for things that or different, only to find her human side longing for companionship. Now left to wander as she is, trying to make a life for herself, she finds her past will always haunt her, unrelenting in it's pursuit.