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Let Me Tell You About Myself:

Well, let's see. In no particular nor logical order, and completely random: I love reading, writing, poetry, singing, composing, performing, flirting outrageously with my favourite persons, stimulating philosophical discussions, spiritual explorations, taking long leisurely strolls down memory lane, the beach, and through forest glades, exegesis of Scripture, preaching, teaching, lending an ear to a friend for whatever purpose that friend desires, travelling to faraway places, either in reality or fantasy, family/friends photography (including altering/improving them and sending them to friends and family by various means), I absotively, posilutely, LOVE email and web making - one would think I am part spider.

Well, now, there is more, but this will do for now! See you soon!!!!

->->->->->->->->->->Babs Fox ;->

I have always loved chess and pictures.
It's hard to believe all of these persons are the same person.

I am a Terratupan, an alien lion-like being who lives on a world called Terratupa. The main land of the Leoterratupaian population is a large land mass. There are two other such land masses, where other species of Terratupan live. There are several island groupings as well. This is where I have spent many imaginative hours. I am also a fox. This I am because of my heritage - I'll let you draw your own conclusions. And, I am a butterfly - newly reborn and ready to fly!!!!

What Fibromyalgia did to me. I was still in my 20's. I am doing well now as long as I take my meds, do my stretching, walking, and don't stress out on stuff.