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Senior Patrol Leader - Collin Hogan

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader - Devin Gray

Scoutmaster - Robert J Gray

Assistant Scoutmasters - Cristopher J Black, Sean D Urban, Rich Treinen, Mike Ling.

Committee Chairman - Dan P Hogan

Committee Members - Ray L Schindler, Dennis D Urban, Tim Vandeven, David Oakley, John R Wurtz, Marc Councilman.

Executive Officer - Father Festus Maliwa

Council Representative - James O Black

Troop 5 Favorite Links
Cherokee Area Council
Troop 23 Bartlesville
BSA National Website
Scouter Magazine


Troop 5 meets every Monday evening at 7pm in Farther Lynch Hall across the street south of St John's Catholic Church. If you have any questions or would like to contact us use the mail box below.
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