My home away from home!!
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My home away from home!!

A little note about me!!!

More pictures of me and some of my family!!!

One of me before i went out with my friends
Yet One when I turned 40
One of me at dinner in Montreal
One of me just after I got my hair cut off..*L*
Just got a new jacuzzi...*g*
My daughter and my son..*smile*
My son at age 16 *smile*
My daughter and her boyfriend *smile*
My son's grad picture...*proud smile*

The Meaning of Love
Someone who makes you feel good about Living,
who brings out the you......
who is joyful and giving....
This is the meaning of Love.
Something that gives you a chance to be strong or trust in another to help you along....
This is the meaning of Love.
Somewhere that you feel like you've been forever..
A place where you're growing and learning together...
This is the meaning of Love.
With you I've found the someone who accepts me as I am, yet helps me to become a better more fulfilled person..
With you I've found the something that allows me to be strong, yet gives me comfort and support whenever I need it..
With you I've found the somewhere that makes me feel sheltered and secure, yet free to grow and develop on my own..
With you I've found what it seems I had been looking for forever...the beautiful and very real meaning of LOVE!!

What is Love Love is an extension of the soul An immaterial purified essence
Love does not confine; it frees...Love does not charm; it blesses
Love is not a sporadic zeal...For it is eternal
The most evil of all evil cannot touch love
For it cannot be stolen or destroyed
Love has no depth; for it is depthless...No height; for it is heightless
Love cannot be measured...For it is infinite
Love is an everlasting, immortal entity
Which develops us into what we are meant to be
We must allow this love to flow through our souls
Deeper than the deepest ocean...Higher than the highest mountain
Love is not of the blood nor of the flesh
It is a spirit which unfolds from the softest of silks
Love is a transcendental ball of passion...One touched by loves passion is never the same
For love in its purest form...Is a shared affection of boundless ardor
Love does not detest nor limit
For pure love is unconditional

  • I have found alot of wonderful friends online and would love to mention everyone's name but it is impossible.....even if the friendships are only online it means alot to feels *very real* to me...

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