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The A-Z of Slayer Slang

` A

And Yet~(adv.) Too bad, doesn't apply.

Anne Rice routine~(n) When a vampire acts like he has a soul when he really hasn't got one. Reference to

Anne Rice's books where vampires have a soul.

Apocalypse~(n) The end of the world.


Bitca~(n) A mild version of the "B" word.

Book someone~(v) To give books to someone, used in the library. Usage: "Book me.".

Bovril~(n) Very salty food substance used by the British. It can be used as a spread or made into a drink.

British~(n) Something or someone extremely proper and regal.

Bronze~(n) The only club worth going to in Sunnydale.

Bronzin'~(v) To go to the Bronze; to do things involving and of the Bronze.

Brooding~(v) Appearing deep in thought and sullen- often attractive to young women.

B. X.~(abbr.) Before Xander.


Caf~(n) Cafeteria.

Cafeteria~(n) A classroom where they teach lunch

Carbon dated~(adj.) Really old or beyond passe.

Carpal tunnel syndrome~(n) The illness Buffy says she has to try and get out of the Halloween safety program. She claimed she could "tragically no longer hold a flash light."

Carbon dated: (adj)Beyond passe.

Chatter in the caf: (n) Lunchroom gossip.

Chick fight thing~(n) Female street fight with hair-pulling and nail-digging.

Childhood Trauma~(n) A problem or major faux pas in your attitude.

Chosen One/Two~(n) The Slayer(s).

Claddaugh ring~(n) Ring exchanged by the Irish as a sign of devotion.

Coif~(adj.) Very feminine and attractive; to look great.

Country music~(n) The music of pain.

Cryptic Guy~(n) Angel- reference to his cryptic clues about some disaster.


Debarg~(pn) An 80s band that wore clothing that is now considered out of style

Diff~(n) Difference.

Dingoes Ate My Baby~(pn) The band Oz plays the guitar in.

Dodgeball~(n) Game played in gym class when it's raining. The rules are: "You dodge".

Dogly~(adj.) Ugly looking and unattractive.

Dollsome~(adj.) Attractive and good-looking; pretty.

Doppelgängland~(n) The alternate reality where Xander and Willow are vampires.

Dorothy Hamil Phase~(n) A phase Buffy went through where she wanted so much to be like Dorothy Hamil she wanted to BE her.

Double-Oh-Seven(007)~(adj.) Like or similar to James Bond. Downward Mobility~(n) Act of losing your reputation; talking to losers.

Drama queen~(n) Someone who goes in for long, melodramatic explanations, like Giles.

Dust~(v) To eliminate vampires using a stake.


Elsewhere to be~(n) Other engagement (far away). F

EpsteinBarr~(n) An illness that nobody cool has anymore, according to Cordelia.

Evita-like~(adj.) Very vain; self-important. Evita-like: (adj) Self-centered; arrogant.

Exorcist twist~(n) Full turn of the head. Used by Linda Blair.


Faboo~(adj.) Sarcastically fabulous; irritating.

Fray-adjacent~(adj.) Outside of the fighting.

Feed~(v) The act of feeding.

Feeding~(n) Drinking blood; a vampire's only means for survival.

Fess up~(phr v) Own up.

Fickle~(adj.) When someone is forever changing their mind.

First~(n) An absolute evil, older than man and demons.

Five by five~(adj.) Still friends or allies after a misunderstanding or about of personal friction; cool.

Font of Nothing~(n) Not knowing much; no help whatsoever.

Foulness~(n) Disgusting or sickening odor; something raunchy.

Freaksome~(adj.) Causing panic or anxiety; to creep out.

Freaky Deaky~(adj.) Too strange, weird, odd or ironic; funky.

Free~(n) A free period, study Hall

Fumigation party~(n) Every year the Bronze is closed for a few days to nuke the cockroaches. You get free drinks for a cockroach.

Funky~(adj.) Not of the norm; unusual, odd.


Game face~(n) The face a vampire has when the feed is upon them.

Gandhi~(n) Innocent, peaceful person.

Gathering~(n) Subdued party with mellow song stylings and Brie

Geek hall of fame~(n) Buffy secured a place for herself here during her Dorothy Hamil phase, when she got the Dorothy Hamil haircut.

Gene and Roger~(n) Unsolicited criticism (as in Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert).

Get gone~(v) Disappear, go away.

Grown up car~(n) What Giles needs to get.


Happy~(n) Usage: "It gives me a happy" (eg It makes me happy).

Happy meals on legs~(n) What Spike thinks people are.

Helen Keller~(n) Unobservant person.

Hellmouth~(n) A portal to hell which is located in the middle of the Sunnydale high school library.

Hijinks~(n) A good time; having a blast.

Hitting a major backspace~(v) Losing points in popularity status

Holy water~(n) Water blessed by a priest. Holy water is one of the things that can hurt a vampire.

Honey~(n) Attractive male.

Hootenanny~(n) A gathering chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny.

Host~(n) A person that provides a home for a parasite or a demon. For example a person possessed by Eyghon is Eyghon's host.


Ick Factor~(n) The gross quotient; the disgusting part.

Immolation-o-gram~(n) When a vampire sacrifices his or her life to deliver a message. Like the vampire who went to the school in "Becoming" to tell Buffy to meet Angel at a graveyard.


James Spader~(pn) Actor who's works include Stargate and Sixteen Candles (often viewed as being attractive)

John Tesh~(pn) Former TV show host who is mocked by many, many people

Jones~(n) Also used as "jonesin"; very adventurous, or looking for excitement.


Keyser Sozed~(adj.) Tricked into believing in a non-existent villain by the actual bad guy.

Kissage~(n) Kissing.


Lose one's water~(v) Freak out.


Manchester United~(n) One of the things Spike likes in the world. This is one of the best soccer teams in the world. The team is called the Red Devils. Unlike in the US soccer is one of the most popular sports in England and the rest of Europe.

Master~(n) Extremely powerful vampire who was accidentally trapped underground in a church while he was trying to break through to the surface.

Mentally Challenged~(adj.) Stupid or ignorant.

Minion~(n) A follower of the Master Vampire.

Missage~(n) Feeling of regret at the absence or loss of somebody/something.

Miss Edith~(n) Drusilla's doll.

Mootville~(n) The lowest and most hopeless place to be.

Morbid~(adj.) Extremely sick in the mind about something out of the ordinary, or very gross.

MOO~(abbr.) Mothers Opposed to the Occult. An organization founded by Joyce.

Motor~(v) Get motivated.

Mr. Caution Man~(n) Giles.

Mr. Gordo~(n) Buffy's stuffed pig.

Mr. Pointy~(n) Kendra's lucky stake.


Nine-one-one(911)~(n) Emergency

No Joy~(n) No such luck; very unfortunate.

Non-budger~(n) Person who doesn't budge.

Non-Verbal~(adj.) To lose the ability to speak or say anything.


One Starbucks town~(n) Small town, like Sunnydale, boring city.


Pace-mode~(n) When a person is pacing.

Pointy~(adj.) 1Worth nothing 2Extremely important or a good idea.

Pos~(conj.) Affirmative.

Post-fumigation party~(n) The same as the pre-fumigation party only with much hardier cockroaches.

Pre-posy~(n) Early stage of a relationship before flowers.

Prom~(n) Buffy explains it as a: "End of high school rite of passage thingy. Think cotillion with spiked punch and electric sleigh."



Razorbacks~(n) The Sunnydale High basket team.

Riff~(n) The deal or situation; the meaning of something.

Ripper~(n) Giles' nickname from when he was in England.

Round robin~(n) When everybody call's everybody else's parent's and tell them they are sleeping over at everyone's house.


Sabrina~(n) Witch.

Salty goodness~(n) Male treat to the eyes.

Schlub~(n) Idiot or unfortunate person; something unfair.

Scooby Gang~(n) Buffy and the Slayerettes

Scully~1(n) FBI special agent Dana Scully that investigates the paranormal on the X-Files 2(v) To try to hide the truth from someone, especially by trying to give them a rational scientific explanation for the paranormal.

See-no-evil mode~(n) When you are so happy about something, you don't care about anything else.

Sesame Street~(adj.) Something so simple a child could understand it. Reference to the children's TV series.

Shindig~(n) Party with dip, less mellow song styling, perhaps a large amount of malt beverage.

Sire~(n) The vampire who turned another vampire into a vampire.

Sitch~(n) The plan; the obvious deal.

Skanky~(adj.) Disgusting or extremely gross.

Slayage~(n) Slaying.

Slayer~(n) A girl born once every generation with the strength and skill to hunt vampires, demons and forces of darkness, find them where they gather and stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers.

Slayerettes~(n) Buffy's friends who help her with her slaying.

Slayer kryptonite~(n) Xander's explanation for Buffy's loss of powers in "Helpless". Kryptonite is the only thing that can harm Superman.

Smoochies~(n) Kissing, general date stuff.

Starbucks~(pn) A coffee shop that is famous for it's MANY locations.

Stealth Guy~(n) Angel, reference to his ability to appear and disappear without a sound.

Sunset Club~(n) Where the vampire wannabes met.


Tapped~(adj.) To be included on; into something that's happening.

Techno pagan~(n) What Jenny said she was.

Tix~(n) Tickets.

Tony Robbins Hypo-Efficiency kick~(n) A stage Giles went through. He made Buffy check in every morning after homeroom.

Turtle Wax~(pn) Car wax that is a favorite consolation prize of gameshows.


Ueber~(adj.) Major

Uebersuck~(n) Major bummer. The worst; as low as you can go.


Vague up~(v) Make more unclear (sarcastic). Usage: "Can you vague that up for me?".

Vamp~(n) Vampire.

Vamp out~(n) To put on the game face.

Vampire~(n) Soulless, immortal demon that must drink the blood of mortals to survive. A vampire appears to be a normal person until the feed is upon them -- only then do they reveal their true demonic visage. These demons "change" others into vampires by mixing their blood with the blood of the mortals. They are vulnerable to crosses, holy water, and garlic. They can be killed by sunlight, fire, a stake through the heart, or beheading.

Vampire Meals-On-Wheels~(n) A medical transport delivering the monthly supply of blood to the hospital.

Vampyr~(n) One of Giles' books which he shows to Buffy when she comes to Sunnydale.

Vogue Up~(v) To beautify one's self.


Wacky~1(n) Crazy stuff. Usage: "Love makes you do the wacky." 2(adj.) Crazy. Usage: "I'm just wacky that way."

Warlock~(n) Male witch.

Watcher~(n) The person whose sacred duty it is to find the Slayer and lead her on her path. They are in charge of training and helping to find information.

Watchers' Council~(n) An organization of Watchers.

Watcher's retreat~(n) Yearly gathering of Watchers in the Cotswalds. It's a great honor to be invited

Werewolf~(n) A werewolf is a man who becomes a wolf for three full consecutive nights: the full moon and the two nights surrounding it. It acts on pure instinct. No conscience, predatory and aggressive.

Wicca~1(n) A teenage witch 2 (v) Witchcraft used by teens or modern witches

Wig (out)~(v) Freak out. (The) Wig~(n) The creeps (also wiggins)

Wiggins~(n) A bad feeling; to freak out.

Wrinkles~(n) Cojones (usually vulgar).


Xander-speak~(n) Xander's way of boiling things down to its simplest possible form


Yester~(n) Over, history.

Yoda~(n) Mentor. Homage to the Star Wars charater Yoda.


Zeppo~(n) The fifth wheel. Zeppo was the fifth Marx brother.

Zombie~(n) Dead person who has been brought back to life through witchcraft.