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Sweet Revenge

    After getting the information from her sister, Brynn drove the ways to his house. At first she was awed at the size, but quickly forced it to pass.
    She grinned as she climbed out of the car and typed in the six-digit code to the electric gates. A giggle escaped her lips, and she clamped her hand over her mouth to stifle it. Quickly she got back into her car and drove up the driveway.
    Climbing out of her car again, she grabbed her pack, and went and unlocked the front door and walked in. Her eyes surveyed the place but she continued on her trip to the back of the house.
    A broad grin stole across her face as she saw the swimming pool. Instantly getting to work, she emptied the detergent box into the pool's filter. Dusting her hands off she left, whistling.

    "Man, what is wrong with you today?" Brian asked curiously wiping his forehead, and wondering why AJ was playing basketball more rougher than usual.
    AJ groaned and stood up from his blocking position. "We just got back this morning, right?" He asked.
    Brian nodded, "Yeah, so?" He shrugged.
    AJ grimaced, "I saw my pool overflowing with bubbles. All over the yard, seeping through the house windows and doors." He shook his head. "Have to call people in to shampoo the carpets, the curtains, all over again."
    "Whoa," Brian said shocked, his eyes widening.
    Nick sat sprawled out on the court, "Well, what happened?"
    AJ shrugged, "Nick," He said slowly. "How the hell am I supposed to know?!"
    Nick turned a soft shade of red.
    "Hey," Brian said intercepting. "He was just curious if you found out what happened or not."
    "The pool man is suggesting some sort of detergent. Dishwasher or clothes, he's not sure." AJ complied, rolling his eyes.
    "You're still using that same pool man?" Brian questioned.
    AJ nodded, "Yep, still using Brandon."
    "The little punk." Nick muttered. "I never did like him." He admitted wryly.
    "Well, I don't have a particular liking towards him either," AJ announced, "But the kids eighteen, and he needs a side-job. Being a pool man seems to be working for him."
    Brian gave a skeptical look, "I don't know, man." He said rubbing the back of his neck. "Something just don't sit right with him, you know?"
    AJ opened his mouth to defend the kid, but snapped it shut and nodded reluctantly. "I know, I get the feeling too." He confessed. "But still," He shrugged. "Maybe we're just paranoid. From all the fans and all."
    Brian's look was still skeptical, but he nodded anyway. "Yeah."
    "Must be," Nick added in disbelief.
    "Well, I'm going to go home and see if I can get things straightened out." AJ said wiping his forehead and slapping hands with his friends. Going over to his car his mind started wandering, If I get my hands on who did this… I'll kill them.

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