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Sweet Revenge

    Brynn whistled happily to herself as she walked into her house. Laughter bubbled up inside her as she remembered the look of Alex Jay McLean's dogs as he tried to get them into the dog groomer's across from her workplace.
    "Brynn!" Brandy shrieked loudly, rounding the corner from the hallway. "Ohmigod."
    Brynn cringed noticeably, she knew something was wrong when her sister started calling her 'Brynn.' She stopped moving, "What happened, Brandy?" She asked closing her eyes, waiting for the blow.
    Brandy's eyes widened, and her voice screeched with hysterics. "I lost Camryn!"
    The breath left her. Feeling winded she grabbed a hold on the back of the couch. "Oh, God." She whispered, "How could you do that to our baby sister!"
    "Half-sister!" Brandy screamed back, the tears falling fast down her cheeks. "And I don't know how!"
    She started pacing furiously, "I came back to your work, picked her up, we went shopping for like half an hour, came home," She took in a deep breath, "The phone was ringing, I answered it, started talking to Marků"
    Brynn waved her hands, "Whoa, stop, stop, stop." She demanded, her head shaking. "I don't care who you were talking to Brandy! I just wanna know where our sister is!"
    Brandy's eyes flooded with tears again, "I don't know!" She wailed loudly.
    Rolling her eyes, Brynn yanked her coat off then grabbed her sister's arm and started dragging her throughout the house. "You check your room and outside, and by the fountain thing. I'll check her room, my room, the den, andů" She threw her hand up, "I don't know, I just will. Now go!"
    Pushing her away, Brynn started searching through Camryn's temporary room. Her high-heeled shoes banged against the hardwood flooring under the baby blue rug that was laid out beside the kiddie bed.
    Getting an idea, Brynn sighed in aggravation, hiked up her skirt some, and kneeled down on the ground to look under the bed. Years of having to do this with Brandy made her a pro.
    Only Camryn wasn't under there, like Brandy would be.
    Groaning and getting frustrated, Brynn got up, smoothed down her skirt, and started searching through Camryn's closet. Finding nothing but her clothing, shoes, and excess toys.
    She started rubbing at her forehead as she went for her own room. Well, she's too scared of Brandy's room. She thought dryly, which she couldn't really blame the kid, she was even a bit wary of it. Too much of the leopard print and silk and satin was used.
    Once again, she hiked up her skirt; knelt down, and peered under a bed, this time it was her own.
    She smiled this time though. Camryn was curled up underneath her bed, her favorite stuffed animal tucked under her arm, her baby blue softie clutched in one hand, and her thumb sticking in her mouth.
    Gently removing the sleeping child, Brynn laid Camryn in her bed and tucked her under the quilt she had folded at the foot of it.
    Pushing back the hair on her forehead, she kissed her lightly and left the room. Intent on finding her sister and strangling her for becoming a bad influence on their half-sister.
    "If Doctor Jaminson says 'it's okay because it makes me feel better' I'll have a great excuse for when they charge me for murder." She muttered.
    Man, She whined, And I was having a good day too!

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