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Hello, everyone! You've come here, I'll bet, to learn how to write a web page. Since you came here, I'm assuming that you nothing about getting space on the internet, writing web pages, etc. etc.. You probably don't know what HTML is either! Hmm...I think I'll start there. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), is a "language" that the internet people read to display the pretty web pages that you see on the screen. Woah! Hold on...why did I put the word 'language' in quotes?! The answer is simple. When most people think of computer languages, they think of complex commands like "@@#$% -q -rw-rw !@# /usr/bin/!@#$%". In fact, some people probably think that making a web page requires that kind of complexity. WRONG!! Hyper Text Markup "Language" is merely a bunch of words (or parts of words) typed between funny little greater than and less than signs, to make things called flags. You'll learn the simplest of these flags later.

Getting yourself some space on the Internet:

You're probably still wondering how the heck you're supposed to make a bunch of letters in between greater than and less than signs make a big, beautiful web page show up on the screen! Keep reading, and you'll find out, sooner or later!! :) Okay...the first thing you'll need to do is to find somebody who will give you web space for free. This will not be hard; there are plenty of places that will give you free space in just a few minutes! This site, of course, is at You can see that by the address. All I did was go to, click on "register", followed the instructions, and all of a sudden, I had 5 MB of my own! Tada! Anyone can do this, actually. Once you get your account, you can go there by typing, or you can go to and then click on "login". Pretty simple, huh?! Now, you should see a little box with "index.html" in it. Highlight "index.html" if it isn't highlighted already, and then click on "create/edit". Angelfire will then ask you if you want a beginner or advanced editor. DO NOT CLICK BEGINNER! If all else fails, you are free to use that editor later, but I strongly advise using the advanced editor first. It doesn't restrict you like the beginner editor does! Anyways...when you get to the page that gives you a bunch of options such as "beginner or advanced editor" or how you want your page to be arranged, all you need to do is select "advanced" and then click on submit. Once you're done with this, you'll find a box with this in it:


You are now ready to start writing your first web page!!

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