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    Suggested (commercial) links:

An excellent server. If you are looking for a place to put your homepage, I strongly recommend Angelfire. Yes, you only get 5 MB, but that's really plenty of space unless you plan to make a file library page or something.


HTMLgoodies taught me everything you need to know about making a simple homepage like I did in about 2 days. If you want to make a web page, for any purpose, you can easily get your first web page up in only a couple days using the above two links.

        AOL Instant Messanger

If you have internet access, why not get an AOL Instant Messager? It's free...and you can reach almost all of your friends through IMs. It's really a neat system.

I strongly recommend that you go to this site if you are extremely bored. At, you will find links to pages where you can receive fortunes, participate in interactive stuff, and send things (like cards and "virtual insults") to friends. Go ahead...just click on the link and bookmark the URL! If you're not bored now, just come back when you are and try out some of their progs and stuff. I'm sure you'll like it.


        Click here for the love-o-meter

This link will take you to a subdirectory of the commercial site: However, this site was not intended to make a profit. Here, at the love-o-meter, you will be asked to give the names of two people, and the love-o-meter will give you its results. The results are always the same for the same couples, so it's not all that lame. This site can be really hillarious, but even depressing for the really supersticious people out there!! Just take the link now and have'll only take a second.


Worlds of Fun

You'd like this site if you've been to Worlds of Fun, are planning to go, or have no clue what or where it is!! :) This site has info on the Worlds of Fun theme park located in Kansas City. I think it's fun to look up the heights and stuff of the rides that I've been on. (I went on the Rip Cord and their new Mamba rides for the first time just a few weeks ago! They're awesome!) :)




This is just a link to Texas Instrument's page. Here, you will find file archives, containing many programs for TI calculators, recent TI events, such as new calculators, new programs, etc.. This is a really lame and boring site, unless you have a TI graph link for your graphing calculator, which you can purchase at the following site:

This is a commercial site. I only put it in with my one other organization link, because the two are related. In this site, you will find information on the TI company and their products. Unlike, this site was written by TI.


Click here for Junkworld ----->
  • TI-86
  • MP3s

      I was going to wait until I get pictures scanned of friends, and make those clickable for their homepages, but that won't happen for awhile, and I might as well put some pages up now:


Friends pages:

Title: Description: Comments:
Andrew Binkard: troMusic Midi Archive / Trombone Reference / Personal An excellent site. Tons of MIDIs are available, and there are a variety of interesting pages here. Well-written and organized.

Emily (Jones): Emily Land Personal This page is under construction, and is being written by both me and my lovely girlfriend, Emily. :) Stop by sometime!!

Staci's homepage Personal / Broadway / AIDS&HIV Reference Go here for Stacey's poetry, quotes, stories, etc.! Oh, and don't forget to visit the Chicken Dance page either. ;)

Renee's Homepage Personal A well-organized page!

Mike Larkin: Prontaiville Link & Download Archive / Personal / Entertainment If you're bored, read my "mad lib thingy" page! But if you're really bored, go to Prontaiville! Here, you will find links galore, to many types of pages. There are also plenty of downloads offered. A very well-thought out page!

Emily (Baitzer)'s homepage Personal This page was just started as of 4/28/99, but it's got a great start! :) Stop by sometime!

Daren Ho's site Computers This site is under construction, but it's certainly well-organized and has plenty of potential.