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A popular Irish surname meaning 'little king'.

He has a constant desire to broaden his horizons. He is tolerant of others and will always keep an open mind.

Independent and resolute


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Updates / Other



  • Well, it is 12:09 in the morning and I had a great idea to upload one of my favorite songs from the powerful broadway musical RENT. Your Eyes, a solo by Rodger at the end of the musical is a song that I invite and encourage you all to listen to. The file size is approximately 1.69 MB, which isn't too bad. You will be able to download it in a reasonable amount of time with a decent connection. (I connect at 28800 bps and I put up with it) :) Please take the time to download this song; it's very meaningful and you might even be able to relate to it in some way. You can get it here. The download will start automatically. I am happy to transfer additional tracks through AIM if you have a specific request. For additional resources on the musical RENT, visit Staci Harper's homepage, Enjoy the song!

    (Note: You must have the latest version of Microsoft Media Player, or any program that supports MP3 format to be able to play the song. Updates are available free at



  • I just wrote another game for the TI-86, and this time it's not a role-playing game!! (Woohoo!) There's a pretty good description of the game and a download available on the download page.

     This is a new section that I just added to my homepage. I thought an update / "other" section in my homepage would be convenient, since I don't yet have an other section (duh) and there is always some notification that doesn't quite classify as "news". :) This section is blank for now but check back later! Thanks.

Personal Information


      Hello. My name is Ryan Child. Welcome to my page. I'm sure you'll find something to occupy your time as you explore my site. I wrote an image map to your left for easy site navigation. Have fun here at RMC, and email me if you'd like. Well...I'll let you browse around my site now, and of course there's some info. on me further on down this page.

      Okay...I'm finally attempting to type up some breif info. on me. After all, this is a homepage! As I have already probably stated, you can find many other neat little things somewhere on my site if you don't want to read about boring me. Anyways.....

Ryan's Normal Day

      Let's see...(flashback - use your imagination!)   *clouds* *harp plays*
      I wake up at about (..hmm...well, it varies. But for kicks this will be a day with an early orchestra rehearsal) 6:30 or 6:45 or something like that. I jump in the shower, throw on some clothes, and jump in my dad's car to go to Roosevelt, the high school that I attend. (Say I'm supposed to be at rehearsal at 7:00 ready to play) The car pulls in at about 7:05 and I run out and stumble across the front driveway of Roosevelt and run into the auditorium. (If it starts at 7:15 I'm there at about get the picture) After I play in the orchestra, I put my cello in the band room and wait in the front foyer with Rachel, Chaz, and (occasionally) Anne. :) The bus comes and takes us to Central, where I sit through my first 2 real classes of the day, (accelerated) geometry and english 9. Once I get out of Vanderhoef's class (english) I walk down to the bus with Rachel and (occasionally) Chaz. :) After we get back to Roosevelt, Rachel, Chaz and I usually walk down to the band room and enjoy the peace and quiet there, opposed to the loud auditorium. After the bell rings, I walk up to my 5th hour class, (advanced) biology with Rachel and meet andrew on the way. After doing nothing that we were supposed to do (Andrew and I) :) I walk (or run) down to lunch and sit at our lunch table with Rachel, Teresa, Collin, Dylan, Seth, Andrew, Chaz. After lunch I have World Studies with Rachel (6th hour) and the French II after that! I'm dismissed at 2:50 and I usually have some kind of lesson or rehearsal after school, so I wait around and socialize or practice or read or something until that rehearsal or lesson. (updated 12/13/99) (end of flashback - you can put your imagination back away now) *clouds clear* *harp plays once more*
      Sorry that was so boring! (I'm sick and I'm sitting here kinda half-alive at the computer) :) On to the next section of the page...

My Music

      If you know me, I shouldn't have to tell you that I'm a music freak. My main musical instrument is the cello, but I play a little bit of piano every now and then. I take weekly piano lessons only in the summer when I have time for extra activities. I started playing the cello when I was in the 4th grade, taught by violist Betty Miller. The summer after I was introduced to the cello by her I went to a program here in Des Moines called "Summer Strings". I learned a little more about the instrument there before moving on to learn from cellist Sharon Rodgers. I studied with her until the 6th grade, when my performance got far below my parent's and my expectations. In the 6th grade, I switched to cellist Sandy Tatge. This was when I really started concentrating on the cello. Ever since then, I've enjoyed playing the cello and I recently decided to aim for a career in the performance of cello. I switched to studying with John Erlich a few months ago, sometime just before the school year started, I think. Well...I can't think of much else to say about my music life...hmm...on to the next section!


Guess That Picture!


     It's time for..GUESS THAT PICTURE!!! This is a picture that I copied and pasted from an E-mail... of course, in the email, it was properly spaced and colored. I thought it'd be fun to put it on my page and write breaks at the end of each line, even though it looks dimented.

Your mission: to email me with the name of the object that this picture is supposed to represent.
My mission: to confuse you!!! :)

(##### <::::::>)
/~ !!@!! ~\
/~ ~\
/~ ( -- ) ~\
/~ _ _) (__ ~\
()\/_+____/ /\ \___\/()
.-' ' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ' '-,
.-~ ________O________ ~-.
;__\ |____[____|+++++++++++++++++| ____]____| /__;
. [ ******** ] .
------ ___________[ POLICE ]__________------------/
| | | ~~~~~~~~ | | |
_ _ _ \______


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Ryan Child, 5-13-99