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      I used to have all my concerts posted on this site, until it got to be a real pain to update, and I decided that it was kind of useless anyways. Besides...most all of my concerts are over now, until fall. I'll think of something else to put on this page later in the summer...when there is no school. Of course, that isn't too far away, so come back later! Oh...most of you know that I like all kinds of music, including some of you might be wondering why I don't have any classical MIDIs anywhere on my site.'s a brief explaination:

     First, I'd like to say that you will probably not find any classical/baroque MIDIs anywhere on my site. The reason for this is probably the fact that the "musical instrument" digital interface on most computers play insulting imitations of string instruments. I don't mind MIDIs for any other type of music, since a synthesizer easily emphasizes a strong beat in its music, which is necessary for good rap, alternative, rock, etc.. Another reason that I will probably not upload any classical/baroque MIDIs onto any of my pages is because MIDI players, at this point, cannot produce sounds appropriate for the style of classical/baroque music. For example, a Bach harpsichord concerto would probably either sound like a racoon scurrying over metalic waste in a junkyard... or maybe a drunk racoon playing an electric violin set to a rediculous frequency. :) I could go on and on, but I'd rather not. Basically, I just think that it is insulting to brilliant composers to have their music played by synthesizers. That is why I embeded "Where It's At", by Beck in my homepage, and not Beethoven or Bach or something, even though my main listening interest is classical. you know, I listen to classical music most of the time. My second favorite kind of "music" is rap, even though that probably sounds dumb. I really like a good beat, but I still like classical/baroque music better. I just find that classical and baroque puts me in a better mood, and also influences my practice time. Oh yeah...for everyone that must know about the amount of my practice time: E-mail me about it if you really want to; I see no point in posting it. :)


6/9/99: I just got back from a chamber music "camp" in Colorado a couple weeks ago! In Snowmass, Colorado, I studied (along with other students from around the country) with the members of The Alexander String Quartet. I also met many new friends. I in quartets written by Mozart, Schubert (sherbert), Schostakowitsch, and Beethoven. It was a really cool experience, so I'm posting a few pictures of some quartets and other friends from the workshop thingy in Colorado. I don't have many pictures scanned right now, though. The only picture I have is one that Lissa scanned and so kindly sent me. :) It's not exactly a compilation of formal pictures, but who cares? These are a few girls that went to Aspen one night and bought a few neato pairs of pants, and decided to be creative. Creativity is always good.
(lower-left picture: left to right) Krista (violin), Jaquie (viola), Anne (cello), Lissa (violin), and Andie (violin & viola)

      Cool, huh?! Oh, and in case it's hard to read, the $5 is how much each pair of pants cost, not how much the girls cost. :) I hope you could've figured that out on your own, though.

      Anyways...I'll post the rest of the pictures as soon as I get them scanned. Until then, have fun at the rest of my site!