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Before you go downloading everything you want to download on this page, I'd like to say that I am not responsible if your computer explodes upon execution of the file that you download. If you have a TI-86 calculator and a TI graph link, then you'll be able to play the fun games that I programmed now available for download on this page. If not, go ahead and download a few of the MIDIs I have posted. Have fun with the files!


TI-86 BASIC games:


Download SMASH


     This is the first "video-game like" game that I have made! Woohoo! Too bad I didn't think of it...I think there's a game out there called "moles" or something, and I think it's a little alike my new game, "SMASH". Oh well. I wrote this little prog Friday (10-10-99) afternoon, and modified it every now and then over the weekend. It's actually not a bad game, if I do say so myself!! :) It's got 5 levels. It works kinda like the games in carnivals and know, the ones where you have a hammer and you bop the little things when they come out of their holes. It tests your reaction speed. (I haven't beaten the fifth level, by the way...let me know if you can beat it...I'll be surprised!) :) If you don't have a graph link, ask me for SMASH during school. I'll have my link handy for anyone who wants the game. (Oh..there's a white background and black pixels, just like the other games, only my GIF animator got messed up and inverted the colors for some reason. But looks kinda cool!)


Download The James Game


     This TI BASIC game is the James Inc debut calculator game. It took me a few months to write; a lot longer than my other programs, since this was my first one. Even though it is written horribly, with a lot of unneccesary memory taken up, it is everyone's most favorite of the James Inc productions. In this .zip file, you will find the source code for the James Game, the program, and the title picture. If you do not download the picture before executing the program, you will encounter an error. If you end up with any other errors, then try messing around with the variables and strings already on your calculator. BASIC is easily mis-interpreted by the calculator, even if the commands are how they are supposed to be. BASIC is a pretty crappy language.



Download Woods


     This is the second TI BASIC game that I wrote. I wrote it in less than an hour, I think, on a road trip. It isn't a very big deal at's a prettty corny game, but it's funny. It's based completely on luck. By downloading this .zip file, you will receive the program and the source code. Have fun with it!



Download The Joe Game


     This game, as you can see, is very much alike The James Game. Who is Joe?!? Well, Joe is a friend of us at James Inc. (more specifically, me and James) I'm not exactly sure why I wrote a Joe Game...I think someone at James Inc. gave me the idea. The Joe Game is an okay game...but I received many complaints that it was too hard. After people started playing it very often, though, they started beating it. So, don't give up! Anyways...the Joe Game is a lot like the game "Escape", also written for the TI-86. By downloading this file, you will get a copy of the source code for The Joe Game, and, of course, the program itself.



Download the Instigator Tester


     This isn't really a game, but it's really funny if you know the members of James Inc, and our study hall supervisor, Ms. Parsons (Paw*sons). If you don't know these people, then don't download this will just be a waste of memory. (Unless, of course, if you just want the source) Also, if you get any errors with this game, then ask me about it. It hasn't been working correctly on my calculator lately.



Download The Wanker Tester


     Just like the last "game", this "game" is not really a game. It's just a stupid little program that is really funny if you know the right people. This game is pointless to download unless you know every member of James Inc. Oh, and for this game, it would also help to know Andrew Binkard...hehehe. (Play the game and you'll see what I mean)



     Well...that's all for my calculator games. Mail me if you have any questions or problems with the downloads on this page. While I'm on the subject of calculator games, I will talk a little about the new game that I will soon (hopefully) program. I get questions about The James Game II all the time. The reason for the delay of this program is not only the construction of my web page, but also the TI-86 emulator that I have downloaded. I need an emulator to make The James Game II, because it will be written in ASM 86. That means that it will be written in a language that is compiled and runs inside a loophole in the calculator's 6MHZ processor, as opposed to the "language" that TI wrote for their, built-in "function", if you will. This means, as you might imagine, that The James Game II will be much harder to write than The James Game. It will be, of course, much better than The James Game, because it will be more like a real video game, instead of nothing but text. I am afraid to test my ASM (Assembly) programs on my calculator itself, because if I program anything slightly wrong in the game, my calculator will crash. That's why the emulator is necessary. (New as of 8/27/99- I haven't been messing with the emulator lately, but I got a couple new PCs and I'm sure I can get it working sooner or later, so I can mess around a bit on my calculator. Meanwhile, my main point of interest, as far as computers go, is the internet.)


MIDI downloads:
Name: File size:
The first MIDI I'd like to offer is one of my brother's. My brother, Paul, is eleven years old and his song is competing nationally against other 5th graders. The song made it through school, regional, and state levels, and is now on its way to the national level. Here it is!
Suddenly I turned around 2836 bytes
Disney / Other
Enya- Watermark 4863 bytes
The Neverending Story 72131 bytes
Hakunamatata 20413 bytes
The Simpsons - Theme 31322 bytes
Star Wars - Theme 34805 bytes
Ghostbusters - Theme 27215 bytes
Aladdin 65115 bytes
Beauty and the Beast 19479 bytes
It's a Small World After All 27481 bytes
The Mickey Mouse Song 16395 bytes
The Little Mermaid- Under the Sea 57286 bytes
Looney Toons Theme 4428 bytes
The Lion King- Do you feel the love tonight? 24237 bytes
The Lion King- The Circle of Life 11434 bytes
The Lion King- I just can't wait to be king! 27370 bytes
Mission Impossible Theme 38538 bytes
Paul Simon- You can call me al 24148 bytes
The Beatles
When I'm Sixty-four 14977 bytes
And Your Bird Can Sing 21001 bytes
Fixing a Hole 17883 bytes
For No One 6809 bytes
With a Little Help From My Friends 18151 bytes
Got to Get You Into My Life 24230 bytes
Let It Be 19871 bytes
Ob La Di Ob La Da 33456 bytes
Lovely Rita 23275 bytes
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds 26107 bytes
Yellow Submarine 10367 bytes
Alternative / R & B
Selena- Dreaming of you 40823 bytes
Save Ferris- Come on Eileen 68021 bytes
Bone Thugs 'N Harmony- I'll meet you at the crossroads 39473 bytes
No Doubt- Spiderwebs 66979 bytes
Monica- For you I will 16465 bytes
Janet Jackson- Together again 69439 bytes
Eagle Eye Cherry- Save tonight 66106 bytes
Will Smith- Just the two of us 13980 bytes
TLC- No scrubs 22428 bytes
Lauryn Hill- Angel of mine 8836 bytes
Beck - Where it's at 111645 bytes
Green Day- Brain Stew 23565 bytes
311- All mixed up 29527
Radiohead- Creep 16113 bytes
Local H- Bound for the Floor 47917 bytes

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