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The RASC Interviews

(choice cuts)

This month we have put together all the best bits from the first year of RTR. All interviewees ares Rasc swimmers, except Scott Elliott who is a former swimmer and currently sets up this site.


Key (-age at time of interview in brackets)


GOM - Gavin O'Malley (14)

NH - Nyssa Heppel (16)

LP - Lee Palframan (11)

SS - Shaun Sloan (20)

LH - Lesley Hewson (16)

SE - Scott Elliott (16)

GW - Glen Wilson (16)

MA - Michael Atkinson (15)

JM - Jake Marvin (12)

Position at RASC:GOM: The 14 year old boys relay team. LH: Expert rester and occasional swimmer NH:Girls open age swimmer (and proud of it)

What is your favourite event? GOM: My own version of Butterfly

Which is your favourite pool? LH: Rossington of course! MA:(-long pause) Ermm, Ponds Forge SE:Oh dear, ermm, Blackpool

And your least favourite? NH: South Hunsley (The Shed) GW: Our second home, St James Baths MA: Errm, oh I can't remember what it's called, err Maltby SE: Err, Hartlepool

Which is your least favourite club and why? JM: Probably Armthorpe or Adwick, because they always show off, and then our swimmers go and swim for them and they show off. LP: Edlington because I just don't like them GW: Selby Tigersharks, its a personal thing. SE: The Spice Girls Fan Club, do I need a reason?

What was your most memorable gala/club occasion? LP: One at Leeds, I can't remember when it was though JM: I don't know, erm, that fun gala in France... everybody forgets about that. MA: (- long pause during which I suggest France)Yeah France, I'd forgotten about that NH:Pocklington league gala at Pocklington where a few Rossington swimmers adjusted their bits and bobs in front of what they thought was a large mirror, but was actually the window for the spectators to watch through.

Over the years what was your favourite piece of RASC clothing? SE: The T-bag T-shirts - very stylish JM: Probably that holy T-shirt thing

Who is your favourite swimmer? JM: Out of everybody? err, Stephen Mellor. SE: Hmm, Stephen Mellor, definately GW: Without a doubt, the mystery man that is Stephen Mellor LH: Nyssa Heppel, because she's brill and she's my best mate

What was/is your greatest acheivement in swimming? GW: Probably the fact I'm still doing it. SE: Meeting Baggy

Who is your favourite singer/band etc.? LP: Errm, I've forgotten the name, err Fatboy Slim GOM: Hmmm, errr, hmmm, it's got to be Blockster MA: I don't know, err, Britney Spears... for her music of course

If you had to get up and sing at a karaoke night, what would you sing? LH: Either 'I Will Survive' or 'It's Raining Men', because they're classics SE: All of them I have no shame

What's your favourite piece of clothing? JM: My tartan underpants SE: I saw a very nice black dress on Tuesday night, well it looked nice on her.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given? JM: 'Put some clothes on'

Do you like shopping? SS: If I'm buying then no, if my mum's buying for me then yes.

What is your most prized posession? SS: My Sheffield Wednesday shirt and my car because I can't go anywhere without either, I can't walk and I can't ride a bike. GW: My programme from the Sheffield United, Man United, 5th round FA Cup tie in 1993, autographed by the majority of the Man United side, and bizarrely signed twice by Lee Sharpe

Who would be your ideal bloke/lass? LH: A Scottish fireman that looks like David Beckham, would do very nicely thank you.MA: (- very, very long pause)Britney Spears, she'll do.

What's 7 x 9? MA: You what? err, errmm, I don't know.

Draw a picture of yourself.

What would you like to do as a profession? SE: Argue with people, I'm good at that. JM: Err, be an MP and then a PM

Which weighs more a kilo of feathers, or a kilo of gold? MA; A kilo of gold

Are you sure they don't weigh the same? MA: Oh yeah.

Out of the following which do you prefer, Marathon or Snickers? JM: Marathon MA: Err, Snickers

Opal Fruits or Starburst? JM: Opal Fruits MA: Hmm, Opal Fruits

Adwick or Armthorpe? JM:(- whinces from all sat listening) Err, Adwick.

If you could change any part of your body what would it be? MA: Err, my feet, they're too big.

Which is your favourite foot, your right or your left? MA: You what? I haven't got a favourite

If you were granted one wish what would it be? SS: To see Alex, sorry Sir Alex Ferguson smile when Man United get beat and not blame it on the weather. LH: To have another three wishes

Do you have a hero or idol? LP: No not really, oh yeah I have, Emerson Thome NH: Your my hero, no it's gotta be David Beckham LH: My hero is Sir Alex Ferguson because he's god.GOM: Hmm, errr, Tony Cottee GW: It used to be the Maidstone United striker Steve Butler JM: Err, do they have to be famous? Err, Tony Heppel.

What's your claim to fame? GOM: I have the ability to shake my eyes NH: I've had my photo taken with that really well known policeman (PC Bradley) from Heartbeat, you know the one! LH: I haven't really got one, sorry. Except for my excellent singing skills.GW: I am the main member of the Doncaster Rovers away day band on the Trumpet.