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Glenneth's Gatherings

Has it really been a year already? Yes it has and it has flown by too. I am very pleased to say that Raising The Roof is now into it's second year in existence. We have had a few problems over the last twelve months (-especially with this site) but we continue to try and improve it as best we can. The principal thinking behind this site was to make it informative, but to have a laugh as well, and I am pretty sure we have achieved that in these last twelve and a bit months. I haven't got a lot to say this month you'll be glad to here, so I'll let you get on and read the rest of it. Don't forget to have a go at our new caption competition. I'll leave you with a quote that I overheard one of the City of Sheffield swimmers say about Rossingtomn ASC after the recent Barnsley Minor League gala at Rossington, and I'll see thi.

'This is a local club for local people'