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Premier Scoping Services

Tired of working like a dog on your transcripts?
Let me help!!!

You're a busy court reporter with no time for scoping your own jobs. Premier Scoping Services is the solution. I am a competent scopist backed by over five years of experience in the scoping and transcription industry. My legal background includes: former court reporting student, former legal secretary and Deputy Court Clerk of the United States District Court for the Northern Division of Oklahoma. I am also experienced at medical transcription.

I tailor to your specifications and always strive to produce the very best transcript possible. I scope on Case Catalyst, Eclipse NT and Eclipse 8.4. My rates are very reasonable. Backup audio tapes or Audiosync files are welcomed. I am available for all your scoping needs or the occasional overflow.

Please e-mail a small sample of an unscoped job to receive a rate quote. I look forward to working together to achieve a long-lasting scopist/reporter relationship.

Why you need a scopist:
    Decreases stress - Increases income

    Enables you to accept more work

    Faster turnaround - Clients call you back for all their depos

    Daily copy and expedites - Do you really want to stay up all night editing?

    Assistance with dictionary building

    Allows time for other pursuits

    Premier Scoping Services has now expanded its services and staff to include legal and general transcription. Click here or visit the link at the bottom of this page to learn more about what transcription services we offer.

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    Zip Code Lookup
    Online Medical Dictionary
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    Transcription services

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