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May 21, 2004 - Belcourt DVD show
Johnny Norris reports as follows:
The show last night was unbelievable!!! Richie was in top form. Tony Harrell played keyboards. Setlist (full review to follow when I have time): Where Did The Time Go (just a brief excerpt, Rusty playing and singing solo) Keep On Tryin' (Rusty, Paul and George) Crazy Love (Jack comes out for this one) Rusty introduces "our founding father," Richie comes out to thunderous applause Pickin' Up The Pieces (two versions, back to back) Bad Weather (full band version, Rusty on mandolin, Tony Harrell on accordion, Richie singing backup and playing his acoustic guitar solos like he did on the record) Call It Love (Richie played the electric guitar hook, Tony Harrell played organ) Let's Dance Tonight (Richie on acoustic guitar and lead vocal, Rusty on lap steel...I think) Magnolia (Rusty on steel) You Better Think Twice (Richie sang lead, Rusty played the long guitar hook) Spellbound (Richie on acoustic, Rusty on electric) Indian Summer (Richie on acoustic, Rusty on steel) Kind Woman (Best version of this song Poco has EVER done!! Better than Deliverin') Rose Of Cimarron (Same version they've been doing, but with Richie on acoustic) Ride The Country (Paul on electic, Richie on acoustic, Rusty on steel... woo hoo!!!) A Good Feelin' To Know (Richie on acoustic and singing lead) ENCORES: Heart Of The Night (Phill Kenzie on sax) Rock 'N Roll Music (the Chuck Berry tune!!! Rusty, Bill Lloyd, Jack Sundrud, Michael Kelsh and John Cowan on lead vocals, Bill Lloyd and Danny Flowers on lead guitars)

May 1, 2004 - The Basement, Nashville
Johnny Norris reports as follows:
I've seen plenty of writer's night performances since I moved here back in '99, and a fair number of them have featured members of Poco (big surprise!). But I had never heard one that included Paul Cotton until Saturday, May 1st at The Basement. Jack Sundrud had assembled the lineup, and it was an amazing one -- in addition to Paul and Jack, it included Craig Bickhardt, the "B" of SKB. It also included multi-instrumental mage John Mock, who performs with a fairly obscure group that have had some measure of success...the Dixie Chicks. (Tough duty!) Jack kicked off the first round with "Hard Country," one of his great we-ain't-sellin'-the-farm songs like "Homeland" and "Iola." Craig and Paul sang backup and Paul played great acoustic lead. Craig did a fine finger-picked ballad, "Even A Cowboy Can Dream." John Mock did a classical guitar piece that I didn't catch the title of, "The Cliffs Of [something]." Folks, he had all our eyes popping in amazement. As I told Jack later, I had five credits of classical guitar in college, and I found out the hard way that it's NOT like playing regular guitar. In the world of musical instruments, it's actually fairly easy to pick up a guitar and learn how to bash something out in a reasonably short time. But learning how to play CLASSICAL guitar is a whole nother animal -- it's one of the hardest musical instruments to become technically proficient at. There are no picks, reeds, keys, bows, or anything else -- just flesh and fingernails against the strings. There are all kinds of annoying buzzes, clicks and pops that you have to learn to avoid. So I just sat back in amazement and watched a real wizard show us all how it's done. Then it was Paul's turn, and his first tune was "Indian Summer," a perfect choice. Dang, that tune sounds better than ever! Jack picked up his electric bass and provided a bass part as well as background vocals. That ended the first round; Jack started the second one with a family tune called "Father's Day." Taking the cue, Craig did "My Prayers For You," a song from a father to a child. Someone asked him whether his golden-voiced daughter Aislynn was there, and he said no, she wasn't, but he did bring us up to date on what she's doing these days...she just drove the car through the back wall of his garage! All John Mock's compositions were instrumentals, but you never knew which instrument he was going to pull out next -- he had a whole arsenal. For this round he pulled out a concertina... yes, a concertina! (Sort of a miniature hand-held accordion, also known colloquially as a "squeeze box" -- yes, the Who built an entire hit single around it!) He did a great piece that consisted of a slow section, a faster middle section that recalled an Irish jig, and then a slower conclusion. Paul delighted all of us with "Midnight Rain," an often-overlooked gem from Poco's 1980 Under The Gun album. Once again, Jack was on bass, and this time Craig played acoustic lead guitar. There was lots of instrumental support for each songwriter, which is always a great thing to see at these writer's nights. So what would be the logical choice to follow "Midnight Rain," if not a song called "Noonday Sun"? I asked Jack later if that was on purpose, and amazingly enough he said no, it was just a coincidence! Both Craig and Paul traded off acoustic leads on that one. Craig did a tune that he placed on the soundtrack of the movie Switchback, "Where I Used To Have A Heart." The general consensus among the songwriters was that the movie wasn't very good, but the two minutes that featured HIS song were of course the best part of the whole movie! John did another fine instrumental, "Owl's Head Lighthouse" (glad I caught the whole title this time!) Apparently nobody told Paul that songwriter's nights in Nashville usually feature original material, or else Paul felt like bending the rules a little... okay, in his case they're actually more like guidelines. He did J.J. Cale's "Cajun Moon," and of course he makes the song his own, so it was kind of beside the point that he didn't write it. Craig played the first solo, Paul played the second one, Craig played a third one, and they all sounded great! In fact, before he launched the next round with an excellent new tune called "Thrive," Jack commented that this three-singer, one-instrumentalist lineup could actually be nicknamed CBS -- Cotton, Bickhardt & Sundrud, har har! Craig did a heartfelt tune called "Prodigal's Lament" with Jack helping out on bass, and John did another incredible classical guitar piece inspired by a whaling ship, "Aboard The Morgan." Paul finished the round with another J.J. Cale tune, "Magnolia" from Crazy Eyes, which made everyone just melt. Jack got out a mandolin for his next tune, "Taste For Life"...what a treat to hear all these great Jack Sundrud tunes that have never appeared on either a Great Plains album or a Poco album! For this one, John played harmonium, a small keyboard that has a sounds roughly similar to an old-time reed organ. (You can hear John Lennon playing one on the Beatles' "We Can Work It Out.") Craig did a tune called "A Day Well Spent," and John Mock pulled out a tiny flute (is there anything this guy can't play?) for a piece called "Roundhouse Bay." And Paul finished the round with the acoustic version of "Bad Weather" that he's been doing at Poco shows for years. The pickup battery in his acoustic decided to go out at that point, so the guitar was drenched in distortion, which was a weird effect for an acoustic version of "Bad Weather." But y'know, once you've started the song, all you can do is plow through it, and Paul, ever the pro, did exactly that. Jack started the next round with his ballad from Running Horse, "Never Loved Never Hurt Like This," with John contributing more great classical guitar work. Craig did a tune that country star Ty Herndon had recorded, "I'd Move Heaven And Earth," and John did a piece called "Panda Dreams" that he got a laugh by describing as "sort of Chinese restaurant Muzak." And Paul finished the round with his delightful "Do What You Do" from the Firebird album. Then it was time for the final round of the night. Jack's final contribution was "Highland Train," with John playing his teeny-tiny flute again. Craig did a fine love song, "Where In The World Did I Find You," and John got out the concertina again for "An Evening At The Inn." And Paul finished up with a glorious "Heart Of The Night," featuring Craig on acoustic, Jack on bass, and John on concertina. Only in Nashville do you get to hear what "Heart Of The Night" sounds like with a concertina accompaniment! Jack and Paul both sounded pumped about the show at the Belcourt on the 20th. Paul says they're working on songs they haven't revisited in years, like "You Better Think Twice." I mentioned to Jack that I was blown away by John, 'cause I know how hard it is to play classical guitar well, and Jack nodded and said, "And he's a MASTER at it too." And Paul says The Coast Is Clear is four songs away from being done and that they're hoping to have it out in July.

Dec 13, 2003- Sellersville
Dennis Whelan reports as follows:
" The show was great. The band sounded wonderful. There were some technical difficulties with equipment, but when the instruments cooperated they sounded awesome. The setlist was about the same as the other recent shows. I didn't write it down- I'm sure someone else will add it soon. The evening started for me with a pre-show get together with a number of Poconuts. We arranged to meet at a local restaurant for dinner and a meet and greet with each other. We all are on the Good Feelin' To Know list and while some ahd meet, none ahd met all the others who showed up. We got a special treat during our little dinner- Rusty, Paul and Jack showed up to say HI! They only stayed a few minutes- something about having a show to get ready for or some other flimsy excuse, I believe. The theatre is a great venue. It's an old (1894) theatre that holds about 300 with a bunch of tables set up right in front of the stage. These are uaually reserved for members of the theatre. There was a Christmas party going on last night. The opening band was a band from NYC called the Drakes. It's a 4 piece band- guitar, bass, drummer and a singer. The sound was a bit harder edged rock than Poco's sound. The sounded good. They did some original songs and a cover of Rod Stewart's Tonight's The Night. I'll just say that the singer had great stage pressence. I wasn't that impressed with her voice, but they did a great job. The crowd enjoyed their set. The bass player's brother is the owner of the Sellersville theatre Poco came out and started right in . They did a great show- some old songs back even to pre Podco with Kind Woman and a number of songs of the new album. They played some acoustic songs in the muiddle of the show. Jack got to do several of his songs. Rusty sat down at the pedal steel and did 3 songs in a row on it at the end of the show. He also did a couple of songs earlier on with the lap steel. They sounded great and have kept the level of energy that they got to with the Pocofest shows in CA. I know it doesn't have to be said with this crowd, but don't miss them if you get a chance. Rusty was in his usual fine humor- mostly at the Eagles expense. There wasn't anything nasty, just some comments that I'm sure are part of the misinterpretation of the band's relationship with the Eagles which has been part of this list as of late. There was not any mention of the dvd or show in Nashville on stage. It's possible that it was discussed after the show but I had to leave without stopping at the signing table this time- my wife Esther wanted to get home and see our daughter who flew in from South Korea about the time we were leaving for the show. I just don't understand the priorities here- talking to Poco or seeing your daughter. I did speak to Paul, rusty and Jack momentarily at the restaurant. I got the chance to ask Paul about a possible tour by the Paul cotton Band and he indicated as he has in the past that it won't happen soon. He want s to continue to support the new Poco album and doesn't feel right about touring until he has a new album of his own done. So it looks like it might not be until 2005". br> set list:
Call it Love
Rose of Cimarron
Cajun Moon
If Your Heart Needs A Hand
Days Gone By
Keep On Tryin'
Never Loved Never Hurt Like This
Bad Weather
Save A Corner of Your Heart
It Must Be Love (Jack's song for Ty Herdon)
Kind Woman
Never Get Enough
Indian Summer
Hear of the Night
On the Way Home

Pocofest II - July 18,19,20 - CA
Toshimasa Tanaka compiled the set lists:
Flying back to Japan safely, I really enjoyed the Pocofest 2003.
July 18 at Orange County Fair
1st set
Call It Love
Rose Of Cimarron
Keep On Tryin'
Crazy Love
Pickin' Up The Pieces (w/ Richie)
A Good Feelin' To Know (w/ Richie)
Heart Of The Night

2nd set
Crazy Love
Kind Woman (w/ Richie)
A Good Feelin' To Know (w/ Richie)
July 18, 2003- Orange County Fair
Dennis Whelan reports as follows:
"The first show of the Pocofest West went great. They played two shows and each one lasted just 1 hour. That was for all 3 acts, not just Poco! Chris Hillman and Herb Pederson were the openers. They were immediately followed by Richie and Scott Sellen. They did the same songs each set, but in the second set Rusty, Paul & George joined Richie & Scott on Go And Say Goodbye- the first set rendition was stupendous and the second set rendition with the guys took it even higher. Poco came on and played a short set, but it was sweet. They went through 3-4 songs and then Richie joined them. The highlight of both sets was a real rocking rendition of Good Feelin' To Know. The crowd was good sized and very enthusiastic. Most stayed for both shows. Poco and Richie stayed until almost 11 PM signing probably hundreds of shirts, hats, mugs, cd's etc. They were all in great spirits."

Heart Of The Night

July 19 at the Canyon Club
Call It Love
Rose Of Cimarron
Cajun Moon
Never Get Enough
Rough Edges
Kind Woman (w/ Richie)
A Child's Claim To Fame (w/ Richie)
Pickin' Up The Pieces (w/ Richie)
A Good Feelin' To Know (w/ Richie)
If Your Heart Needs A Hand
Running Horse
Heart Of The Night
Keep On Tryin'
Bad Weather
Crazy Love

July 20 at Humphrey's
Call It Love
Rose Of Cimarron
Cajun Moon
Days Gone By
Rough Edges
If Your Heart Needs A Hand
Never Get Enough
Running Horse
Heart Of The Night
Crazy Love

July 19, 2003 - Canyon Club
Jeff Naumann reports:
"The place was SRO and the air conditioning couldn't keep up. Rusty was definitely under the weather, but he was a trooper. Paul Cotton was in the best voice I have heard since the 70's. Jack was playful and enthusiastic and george was having a great time. George came out to sing "You Better Think Twice" with Richie, who was a little disappointed that Jimmy Messina didn't make it to the show and Rusty and Paul came out to sing "Go And Say Goodbye" with Richie and George. Poco played "Never Get Enough", "If Your Heart Needs A Hand" and "Running Horse" from the new album."

July 20, 2003- Humphrey's , San diego
Naomi Elkins has prepared the following report:
"Humphrey's is a very nice place to see Poco, outdoors and with a nice view of the boats, but they don't allow cameras, so I couldn't shoot Pocophotos there.. When Poco came out, they were awesome, just like the night b-4. Richie was with them for the entire 1st set. They sounded especially great on AGFTK and Pickin' Up the Pieces. They also did Let's Dance Tonight!! During the second set, they did Never Get Enough, which sounds great live, If your Heart needs a Hand, and Running Horse. RH gave Rusty a chance to play steel on more than one song."

June 20, 2003- Poco at the Rialto Theatre in Loveland, Colorado
Mark Chrisman has prepared the following report:
"I have attended many POCO concerts, but this one would rank as one of the best if not the best, despite Richie Furay not making a guest appearance. This concert was in stark contrast to POCO’s last visit at the Rialto when a host of sound problems plagued what could have been a very special evening with Richie Furay making a guest appearance. Tonight’s show was put on by the same promoter; however, it was obvious that extra care had been taken with the sound for tonight’s concert. POCO was flawless tonight and impressed many of my family and friends who had never seen them play, or who had not seen them for years. Paul and Rusty were very strong vocally, and the backing harmonies were the best I have heard since the days with Tim Schmit. George and Jack sang their hearts out. Rusty had a new guitar that was really cool and must be one he enjoys traveling with as it played electric, acoustic, and organ. He commented that he was still getting used to all the switches. Now he only has to carry three guitars (the new one, his Carter D-10 pedal steel, and his lap steel). POCO started off with the usual starting number, Legend. Mixed in were J.J. Cale’s Cajun Moon (with Rusty playing lap steel), and one of my favorites, Magnolia (just a beautiful song with Paul’s vocals complimented with Rusty’s pedal steel). We were also treated to songs from the new album including If Your Heart Needs A Hand (Rusty), Never Get Enough (Jack), and Running Horse (Paul). It is absolutely wonderful to hear new music rather than the typical hits that most bands with significant longevity typically run through (I can’t believe POCO has been around for 35 years). The new songs were very tight and it was obvious the band enjoyed playing something new. If you haven’t purchased a copy of Running Horse, I can’t recommend it enough. Rusty mentioned that the album is scheduled for general release in September; however, why wait when you can purchase it via the internet or at a concert now? The acoustic set included the regulars including Child’s Claim to Fame, Bad Weather, Kind Woman, etc.; however, they were done in a better presentation (one on top of another). We also were treated to Keep On Tryin’, Jack sang his #1 country hit, It Must Be Love, and Rusty performed a wonderful version of Crazy Love. We also were treated to the standards of Good Feeling To Know, Rose of Cimarron, Days Gone By, and Heart of the Night (which was incredible as usual). The encore brought about a steel meltdown by Rusty with Boomerang. No doubt Rusty is still the best steel player in the world although he hasn’t gotten the recognition he deserves. If you get the opportunity to see POCO this Summer or Fall, go. The current lineup has things hitting on all cylinders and the new album has energized the band. The band stayed around and signed things for the audience after the concert and I got a chance to talk to Rusty. He winked and said after 35 years the band has it down. I would agree. The current lineup has never sounded better. Long live POCO!"

April 12, 2003, Covington, Ky - Paul re-unites with Jerry Urban ,sax player for the Capitols and the Mus-twangs, after almost 40 years!
Here's some of what Jerry had to say:
"Paul and Poco really put on a show, and the caliber of musical ability was superb. Listening to Paul sing and play was wonderful, and brought back a lot of memories. Paul and I, and Florence, my wife, got to spend some time together after the show. It was enjoyable, and too short. We will make a point of getting together again to really catch up on the last forty years. we did get some pictures of Paul and I together. As soon as I get them developed, I will e-mail them to you."

April 12, 2003- Poco in Covington, KY
Dave Strong has prepared the following report:
"Here's the set list, similar to Nashville:
Legend, Call It Love, Rose of Cimarron, Cajun Moon, Good Feelin' To Know, If Your Heart Needs A Hand, Days Gone By, Never Get Enough, Spellbound, Rough Edges, Keep On Tryin', It Must Be Love (Jack's hit song), Bad Weather, Crazy Love, Running Horse, Heart Of The Night, On The Way Home.
Everybody played just great. I've had concerns about Paul Cotton's voice after listening to a Colorado tape from last year, but those concerns are gone, now. He sounded great, and his guitar was spot on. Rusty sounded pretty good, too. Jack and George sang and played terrific. Days Gone By was a pleasant surprise for me. It sounded better than ever. Paul rocks on Spellbound. Rusty, George, and Jack came out for b-vox at the end of Bad Weather, which Paul usually does alone. Rusty pulled out the pedal steel for Running Horse, which was fantastic, as was Heart Of The Night. Of course, when the PSG arrives, you know the show is almost over. I expected but didn't get Boomerang, instead they encored with On The Way Home. It was a nice long set. I thought they would do Shake It, but the Running Horse CD was fairly well represented nonetheless."

April 11, 2003- Poco at 12th & Porter, Nashville, TN
Following is an edited version of a report on the show by Johnny Norris:
"It was obvious from the start that the band was exceptionally tight instrumentally. Paul told Johnny Jr. later that this was the first time they had played out live in six months, but you wouldn't know it. Kicks and chord bursts were incredibly precise... Jack and George really outdid themselves as a rhythm section.
So the entire setlist went like this:
Legend : Call It Love : Rose Of Cimarron : Cajun Moon : A Good Feelin' To Know : Spellbound : Never Get Enough : Rough Edges (w/Bill Lloyd)
Keep On Tryin' : A Child's Claim To Fame : Pickin' Up The Pieces : It Must Be Love : Crazy Love
Running Horse : Heart Of The Night : Boomerang (w/Jock Bartley) : On The Way Home (w/Michael Kelsh & Bill Lloyd) : If I Needed Someone (w/Michael Kelsh & Bill Lloyd)
Songs that have been done in Poco shows in the past couple of years that did NOT appear in the setlist last night: "What Do People Know," "Days Gone By," "Bad Weather," "Cain's Blood," "One Tear At A Time," "If Your Heart Needs A Hand."
New additions to the setlist: "Never Get Enough," "A Child's Claim To Fame," "Pickin' Up The Pieces," "Running Horse," "If I Needed Someone."
Paul got on the mic and said, "This is for you, Charlie... from Cowboys & Englishmen, a J.J. Cale tune." when they launched into "Cajun Moon." I glanced over in the general direction of where Paul had been looking when he dedicated it, and sure enough, there was ex-Poco bassist/vocalist (and our sometime GFTK list buddy) Charlie Harrison, with Patsy standing next to him!! I got a chance to talk to them both later, and Charlie remarked that he thought that was a really nice thing for Paul to have done. They did an electrifying version of Poco's signature song, "A Good Feelin' To Know." They've moved the key down to E major to accommodate the different voices, since Richie and Timmy sang on the original version and they aren't around anymore. Paul sings the verse about the Colorado mountains. Unless I miss my guess, last night's show would have been the first time they played any Running Horse material live since its release. George came out from behind the drums to join Rusty and Paul for "Keep On Tryin'," The harmonies were just about perfect -- I couldn't believe how together they sounded. When Jack played acoustic guitar and sang his Ty Herndon hit "It Must Be Love," with Rusty, Paul and George grouped around a single mic, Jack introducing them as "the Poco Singers" they launched a fantastic version of "Running Horse," with Paul on lead and Rusty on pedal steel. Johnny Norris"

November 28, 2002, Photos of the Paul Cotton Band in LA taken by Bill Herzog Photos of Band in LA

August 3, 2002, Berwyn, IL, Fitzgeralds - Paul re-unites with Chuck Edelhoferafter more than 40 years!
Here's some of what Chuck had to say:
"It was a great experience for me. 42 years is a long time to look back on and I realize now, even though I really enjoyed my times on stage in the late 50's and early 60's, I do not think I would have had the stamina to keep up the life of a professional musician. Paul, on the otherhand, looked good, sounded great, and appeared to enjoy what he was doing as was evidenced by the reception of the audience."

Paul & Chuck Fitgerald's, IL, August 3, 2002. Click on image above for larger view

A report on the show by Pat Beals :
Poco played nearly two hours featuring long time members Rusty Young (vocals, guitar, lap steel, and pedal steel), George Grantham (drums,percussion, and harmony vocals), and Paul Cotton (vocals, guitar) plus "newest member" since '85 Jack Sundrud (bass, vocals). The set opened with Legend and concluded with Rough Edges from the Legacy album. In between included some Buffalo Springfield songs (3 which went over big with the crowd, A Good Feelin' To Know, Keep On Tryin', Bad Weather, a Sundrud composition with Jack on lead vocals, a new bluesy song sung by Rusty to be included on the Poco CD to be released in Sept., Heart of The Night, Rose of Cimarron, Spellbound, What Do People Know, Call It Love, and others which escape my memory at the moment. The crowd was spellbound by these pioneers of the country rock genre due to the fine playing and singing (often 4 part harmonies).

July 27, 2002 - Poco at Stratham Fair, New Hampshire
Mike says:
"I had the chance to catch the show and would like to share some thoughts based on 30 years as a fan. The old question are they country or rock is gonzo , these guys want to rock and when they do their show has plenty of gas . As good as rusty is, we all agree he is a magician on steel I was blown away by Paul . He can really lay down the licks and I think his playing forces rusty to play atthe level he does. The upside to no richie is paul has a chance to shine . I saw the legacy tour and agree with some of the posters randy meisner barely contributed to their early sound and paul surely did. George is great back on drums . He came up front for a couple of tunes , they opened in the late 70s acapella at a number of shows. Jack had a chance to do a song in the pm show i think they should give him a bit more space in the show. All in All it was fun to share a night with friends that still no how to put on a show. Everyone always said to appreciate this band you have to see them live."

Dennis says:
"Just want to report a nice show at the Stratham Fair. First set at 4pm was only an hour, but the band seemed very tight. Paul Cotton and Rusty sounded great for the most part (the sound system had some problems however). Second set at 8pm went about 1 hour 25 minutes and was GREAT. There seemed to be a lot more support for the band at this set. Rusty was able to talk the Fair people into extending the set past the hour? curfew. Highlights (for me) were "Made of Stone", "Cajun Moon (so so great), If Your Heart Needs a Hand (the new song), Jack's Song with the POCO singers, and Keep on Tryin', and Boomerang just blew the roof (wait, there was no roof) off the place as usual with Rusty the madman on Steel."
July 25, 2002 - Poco at Alive at Five, Tricentennial Park, Albany
Times Union article
Also Corey Bearak has prepared the following set list:
1) Poco opened with Legend. For someone who had seen Poco with George, it was real interesting and a pleasure to focus on how much George added to this and other post Fab Four era songs. They rocked and I noticed how George (and Jack provide Poco more of a rock rythm than did Charlie and Steve in who I heard a disco kind of beat. Early on I notice how Jack adds personality to the band and it was clear they really enjoyed playing together.
2) Call it love followed. Rusty mentioned the video being played on MTV.
3) Rose of Cimmaron which they played well but I still really prefer the version during the Indian Summer/ Stills-Young Band tour when Al Garth was briefly a member. Paul played many of the formerly dobro and steel parts real well
4) If Your Heart Needs a Hand, Rusy's song, which previews a strong CD we all look forward to in Setpember.
5) Cajun Moon
6) Spellbound
7)AGFTK. Rusty introduced it as Poco's anthem in the 70's. They really played this well. They not only played it well; despite Rusty on rythm guitar, it sounded so closed to the original with Paul doing all the lead and former steel part. 8) Rusty used Rough Edges as an excuse to go absolutely wild and wonderfully so on the lap steel
9) they began an acoustic set with Tim's Keep of Tryin, with Jack playing light percussion in the background.
10) Rusty introduced Jack and passed him his guitar to sing his Ty Herndon hit, It Must be Love. it was great and the Poco (backup) singers were in fine melody.
11) Though I miss Rusty's "sweet" steel on Bad Weather, I recognize how special it is to hear this amazin song as Paul had played it for Richie and et al in 1970.
12) "A Child's Claim to Fame" was on Buffalo Springfield Again. It sounded great. I wonder how many there saw the movieWonder Boys and recall the song (during this crazy car scene)
13) Crazy Love followed. What can you say about the song that gave Poco their first hit.
14) The pedal steel emerges. Rusty just amazes. Paul sounds and plays so well on HOTN. They leave the stage to cheers.
15/encore) Rusy comes back himself and starts playing the heck out of the PSG. Jack, Paul and Paul emerge and they go into Boomerang. A rocking encore.

July 11, 2002 - Rusty announces that the name of the new Poco album will be "Running Horse"

July 11, 2002 - Poco at the Old Mill, Spring Lake, NJ
Dennis Whelan has prepared the following detailed report:
"It's kind of a strange place to see a "rock concert". It's like being at a wedding reception without the dance floor. It sits overlooking the Old Mill Pond. The show got started at about 9 PM and for the first hour was an acoustic set. It started off with George up front with the rest of the guys. The songs were-
Keep On Tryin'
Crazy love
Bad Weather (Paul solo, backed up by (as Jack calls them- The Poco Singers)
It Must Be Love (one of Jack's songs- also with the Poco Singers)
Child's Claim to Fame
Kind Woman
Midnight Rain (Paul Solo)
Under The Gun - acoustic(I believe this was an on the spot decision after the table behind me screamed for it)
Save A Corner
What Do People Know
Cain's Blood (Jack's song)
Do What You Do (from Paul's latest solo disc Firebird)
If Your Heart Needs A Hand (from the forthcoming album Running Horse)
They took a break at this point(10:05) after Rusty decided he was King and declared a break. Rusty (and the others)were thier normal amiable selfs throughout the show- trading hair jokes (or no hair jokes). rusty told his infamous Rabbit Joke. He also gave some background on some of the songs along the way. He talked about things like what songs are about and how it often is not what you think. specifically he mentioned that he wrote "Save A Corner" for the fans. He wrote it at the height of disco and he was concerned that his type of music was going to get lost. He did not diss disco, just said that all typed of music have good in them. He also mentioned how he came to write "What Do People Know". that it was because people were saying tha the five original members could not survive in a room together, etc and he said while they did not play together anymore they were friendly. He threw out some nice comments about various former members of the band- mentioned Richie's work in the Ministry, Timmy's work with that other band The Eagles and he mentioned Jim Messina who apparently his keeping busy counting his money. All of these comments (except the one's about Richie) were said with tongue firmly planted in cheek. He also thanked Naomi Elkins for two of her efforts on behalf of the band-
1. Her distributing a petition at the show to be sent to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame requesting that Poco be inducted ASAP.
2. Her great webpage with everything you always wanted to know about Rusty Young. Here's a link
He also thanked all the fans that have helped keep them doing what they've been doing for so long.
After a short break (10:25) we got treated to the Electric set. Unfortunately Rusty said he wasn't truly King apparently and they only had about 1/2 left to play. They got right into the set
Rose Of Cimmaron
Call It Love
Good Feelin' To Know
Cajun Moon (where Rusty finally got to play some steel - lap variety)
Heart Of The Night (with Rusty on Pedal Steel)
That unfortunately was it for the show.(11:05) The encore consisted of one song
On The Way Home (11:15)
Overall the show was great.I'm not a musician so I can't comment as some would but, the band sounded good- George was putting down a great beat and Paul, Jack and Rusty played their hearts out.

May 3, 2002 - Poco in Denver, CO
Carol Marciano has this to say:
"I have seen Poco 25 times, mostly in the midwest. I moved to Denver from St. Louis in 2000. This by far, was the best show yet. Paul sang new songs and it was great. I was in the front row and could tell by the crowd reaction, they really liked the songs. Paul asked me when we were chatting before the concert what song I would like to hear and I told him, "Kind Woman", his reply was, I think we can do that. Then when Poco took the stage, Rusty Young announced there would be a surprise guest. I was only hoping it would be Ritchie Furay. The songs they sang were unmistakable "Poco". There is no denying their special harmony and guitar playing. They always have the crowd singing and chanting for more. The climax of the show was Ritchie taking the stage and it was a very special night. Memories of the Buffalo Springfield were everywhere and the crowd reacted. It will always be a night to remember. Again, Poco, unique in style, giving the audience a rare treat!!"

March 13, 2002 - Paul Cotton Band @ "Bash on Ash", Tempe, Arizona
Rick Hamilton has provided this report:
"The small crowd was disappointing but as always, Paul played his heart out. During the TWO HOUR set, Paul played accoustic guitar only once ( Bad Weather ) and dazzled the crowd with his extended guitar work on just about every song. I'm not sure of the guy's name that played electric, slide and accoustic guitar, but he too was phenomenal (Tony Mendracchea - ed.). The addition of percussion work by Joe Morris ( the drummer from Firebird )was incredible ! Paul's son Chris was on drums. The set list included: I CAN HEAR YOUR HEART BEAT DO WHAT YOU DO WOMAN WITH A BROKEN HEART INDIAN SUMMER FIREBIRD CAJUN MOON LONG LAST LOOK BARBADOS CARNIVAL BAD WEATHER MIDNIGHT RAIN LEGEND HEART OF THE NIGHT BOOMERANG MAGNOLIA RIDE THE COUNTRY MY SUGGESTION TO ALL THE FANS: DON'T MISS THIS SHOW IF AT ALL POSSIBLE!"

Jan 19, 2002 - POCO @ Dania Beach
Randall McDade has filed this report:
"Well The show @ Harbor grill last night was excellent. The setting was at the Harbor marina. An excellent restaurant on the water with numerous yachts and a beautiful clear cool evening!.The band was set up on a stage under a beautiful tiki hut with an excited crowd anticipating Poco.The wife and I were fortunate to meet Paul George and Rusty prior to the show and the band was very generous in signing some old records and cd's. Rusty and Paul said the new cd is going well and that they should be done by next week with the remaining tracks. The band played a full hour and a half show and the sound system was excellent. The guys were in rare form. Paul was in great voice as was Rusty and George. Richard Neville was sitting in for Jack Sundrud as he was playing with Craig in a previousy commited venue.Richard did an excellent job in playing bass and providing background vocals. Paul's guitar licks were crisp and flawless. They seemed to be having a great time. And the energy of the show and the flawless performance sure provided the same for the crowd. As a special treat the guys played Child claim to fame and Kind woman. Rusty did a great job singing lead on Kind woman. All and all this was one of the best performances I have seen of the band in the past few years compared to the other recent Florida venues. It is amazing what a great sound system can do. What a night!!!"

Nov 7, 2001
James Woodward advises that Paul has been added to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame achievers list.

Nov 4, 2001 - Festival In The Park, Orlando, Florida
Here is a report from Wayne Graves "This is my fourth time seeing them in 2001 and I must say, they seem to be getting tighter each time. Paul really was amazing with his guitarwork today ( it seemed even better than his usual great playing )I don't know guitars, but past few times I have seen them, he was playing a Fender that looked like Rusty's, but the one he played today was different. Beautiful guitar, beautiful sound. I asked him if it was new one, but he said it was from 1979. Rusty tore it up on the pedal steel as well as the little chrome lap steel he has. Jack Sungrud provided a thumping bass line for the whole show and it sure is good to hear that familiar drumming and look back and see George Grantham grinning from behind the drum kit. The set list was pretty much the same as we are used to: Legend Call It Love Rose of Cimarron Cajun Moon A Good Feelin' To Know Spellbound Rough Edges Keep On Tryin' It Must Be Love ( Jack's song) Bad Weather Crazy Love Heart Of The Night encore, Boomerang As I have said many times before, I cannot believe I am still able to see my favorite band for over 30 years perform shows. I sure picked a great band to be my favorite. Good taste I share with many of you.... ain't life grand ? wayne"

Oct 13, 2001 - Alabama Music Hall of Fame
J.D. Woodard of Tuscumbia, Alabama has begun a push to get Paul nominated and inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. Paul was born in Alabama and should be honored for his contribution to the music industry. The email address isAlabama Music Hall of Fame. I'm not sure what the eligibility requirements are but it can't hurt to send them a lot of emails from Paul's fans can it? If you prefer snail mail, the address is as follows: The Alabama Music Hall of Fame P.O. Box 740405 Tuscumbia, Al 35674

Oct 6 & 7, 2001 - Unplugged at the "Wildwood", MO
Here's some comments from those who attended the Steelville MO weekend:
"What a wonderful acoustic evening. I literally had goose bumps when you and Rusty played some Poco favorites, like Spellbound, Indian Summer, Magnolia, Heart of the Night, etc, etc... and your plaintive voice on your acoustic version of Under the Gun! Also, loved the material from Firebird, especially Do What You Do and your acoustic treatment of Not Out of Mind, which makes a great song even greater!", Dave McH
"Hi Paul! THANKS for a wonderful weekend in Steelville MO, the BEST gigs Ive ever seen", Kate from England
"I saw the show at Wildwood Springs Lodge on Oct.6. The best I've ever seen. Had a great time and heard some great music. I'll be back next year",J.D Woodard
"It felt like it was a private show (especially since I was front and center) and the best unplugged concert I have ever heard.",Ginger Jones
"I thought your playing deepened as the evening went along. And that's just a Martin guitar? Wow: what power and sound: great licks on many deep solos that you took underneath Rusty. Hope to catch you two next year, same place!", John and Janet White
"the acoustic show they did was excellent...on stools in front of the fireplace,sipping wine,playing mellow. It definately was the ultimate unplugged poco show. If you were there you know what I mean.", Don Walters
and some comments from Rusty (taken from Jack's diary): "had a wonderful weekend in steelville, mo. it kinda' reminded me of pocofest! there were friends from everywhere-ten states and even england. we all stayed at this old hotel built in 1922. very cozy! community bathrooms. and since we were all at the same hotel we had lots of time to hang out. paul and i hadn't done an accoustic show like this in quite a while, so it was big fun. we got to pull out a lot of songs we don't usually play... grand junction, etc. they've asked us to do it again next fall and it sounds like fun! even though there's no tv, radio(unless you bring it) and only one phone in the lobby!"

September 2 @Spokane WA
Another BIG THANK YOU to Paul Crawford
for his indepth report on the Pocofest. Here is his final instalment:
"I recalled two more things about Moses Lake show: Before Jack sang It Must Be Love, Poco introduced him as "Jack B. Sundrud", a humorous reference to Tim. Also, Chip and Shawna told of an acoustic session on the tour bus during the ride back to the casino. The band is in the Cayman Islands this week. They did an acoustic show. On 9-1-01 they were trying to think of songs to do. On the bus they played tunes from the Beatles, Jimmy Buffett and others. At lunch before the show, Rusty told me the band is very pleased with its current management and hopes to tour even more next year. Poco has been approached by EMI Europe record label to do an unplugged greatest hits CD. Randy and Richie may even participate! EMI will have European distribution rights but the band gets the USA distribution rights. Of course, they still hope to release a CD of new material. Jack has another potential big hit that Ty Herndon recorded. Jack says call your country stations the 3rd week of Sept. and request Ty's new song "If I Could Move Heaven and Earth". In Spokane, Poco headlined Sunday night of "Pigquake", a Labor Day weekend-long series of concerts in a downtown park. I think this was the largest crowd for Pocofest but, for me, the most "routine" Poco setlist. Security crackked down on video. Too bad because Rusty seemed possessed on Rough Edges and Boomerang. Setlist - 90 minutes Legend Call It Love Rose of Cimarron Cajun Moon AGFTK Spellbound Rough Edges Keep On Tryin It Must Be Love Bad Weather Save A Corner of Your Heart Crazy Love Heart of the Night Encore - Boomerang

September 1 @ Moses Lake WA
Thanks again to Paul Crawford third Pocofest instalment:
" Destination was a city park. Chip and Shawna rode in the tour bus with the band. Roger, Paul Agosta, Naomi, and I followed in Chip's Blazer.Folks from Canada followed us. Other fans from Ohio, Washington, California, and Australia met us at the show. We got there, eventually. The tour bus went beyond Moses Lake, then turned around. In going through town on the interstate, we passed signs for two different parks. We ended up at a third park. A beautiful one. It had a small amphitheater built with its back to a river. Seating was all on a lawn which sloped down toward the stage. A long soundcheck (35 minutes). Better sound than the previous night. In the concert they debuted a new song for us. A large crowd but not as large as St. Marie's. Soundcheck ? (Can't Stand to Lose) (2 times) ? (If I Needed Someone) If Your Heart Needs A Hand (4 times) Here There & Everywhere (just a couple verses and Rusty's voice cracks) A Child's Claim To Fame Concert - 95 minutes Legend Call It Love Rose of Cimarron Cajun Moon Spellbound AGFTK Do What You Do If Your Heart Needs A Hand (first live performance) Rough Edges Keep On Tryin' It Must Be Love (Jack vocals) Bad Weather Save A Corner Of Your Heart For Me Crazy Love Heart of the Night Encore Boomerang"

August 31@St.Marie's, Idaho
The second report from Paul Crawford Second instalment of the Pocofest weekend....
"Poconuts took a bus ride from the casino to St. Marie's. As we prepared to depart from the casino lobby, we heard the strains of a live "when It All Began" coming from the second floor lobby area. Naomi Elkins and I raced upstairs. She with her camera and I with my tape deck. There they were: Richie, Rusty and Paul with acoustic guitars and George with his voice, all sitting around a table. Naomi got some pictures and I got a couple takes of the song before we had to leave. I was getting choked up listening to Richie singing the band's autobiography. Lots of Poconuts helped with preparations for turning the local ball diamond into a concert stage (Chip and Shawna, Roger , Brandt Mayer come to mind). Concert was capping off Paul Bunyan Days in St. Marie's and followed the end of their high school football game. Poconuts had a preconcert dinner with the band and Richie. Chip and Shawna made "Pocofest 2001" T shirts commemorating the weekend. (they have extras for sale. White with Legend horse on front and Pocofest details on back. Contact them at . The band signed our shirts. Then we all signed a shirt for each band member to keep. Richie was so friendly and talkative with everyone. He went to the nearby football game with Mike and Karen Banks until he heard the band tuning up. Then he raced back to the stage for soundcheck. Soundcheck was neat with Richie involved. I'd estimate the crowd around 1,000. It got cold as the night went on. Concert didn't get started until around 9:30 to allow the football game to finish. Poco played around an hour before Richie joined them. The magic was definitely there! Rusty went to the background on guitar and dobro and let Richie use his microphone. Jack sat down and watched the spectacle unfold. First came A Child's Claim to Fame with George singing strong. Then Pickin Up The Pieces,then Kind Woman. Then Jack joined in for When It All Began and AGFTK.Encore was On The Way Home. Richie's voice was so strong and rich, especially on Kind Woman. My tape deck malfunctioned for the first 55 minutes! Then I flipped the tape and got everything from Keep on Tryin' through the end of the show. In other words, I got all of Richie's contributions Many of us thought the sound was distorted at times, with vocals and lead guitar muffled (This was mainly in the early part of the show which I did not get on tape). Afterwards, Paul and Richie told us they both were having guitar problems. Nevertheless, a wonderful reunion show. Thanks Chip and Shawna!!! Soundcheck When It All Began (4 takes) On The Way Home (3 takes) ? (performed like a Beatles song. "If I Needed Someone" was the refrain. Any ideas?) Setlist - estimated 100-105 minutes * = with Richie Legend Call It Love Rose of Cimarron (don't remember what is here b/ c tape deck malfunction) Rough Edges Keep On Tryin Cain's Blood (Jack vocals) Crazy Love A Child's Claim to Fame * Pickin Up The Pieces * Kind Woman * When It All Began * AGFTK * Heart of the Night Encore - On The Way Home *

August 30 @Worley, Idaho
Paul Crawford (the man with the longest list of Poco shows taped I have ever seen!) was one of the lucky ones at Pocofest. Here's his report on the Paul Cotton Band performance:
"The first night of "Pocofest 2001". Show was at the Cour D 'Alene Casino. Chip and Shawna Ryle worked SO hard on this show and the next night's Poco show. Here they were hampered by minimal assistance from the casino. For example, show was set to begin at 8Pm with doors opening at 7. Unknown to us, there was some tribal function in the concert hall that lasted until 7:30 or so. In the midst of it the electricity to the casino went off! We were worried for awhile that there would not be a concert. Fortunately, power was restored. Paul and band hit the stage and played strong for 100 minutes. The sound system was great. Paul and Tony Mandrache traded lead guitar roles. Bass was prominent in the mix too. Heard many songs I loved, from both of Paul's solo works as well as many Poco favorites. Afterwards, the band stayed and signed anything and everything. Tony told me how he lucked into playing with Paul. All the band wanted to do more shows. Hopes are to open for the Doobie Brothers at some future shows. The only downer was the crowd size. I'd say 200-300. Among them were George, Jack, and Richie ! (Rusty told me later that he overslept). The trio were very into the show, tapping toes and nodding along with the music. Sadly, Richie did not take the stage. I have a stellar audio tape of this show. Setlist : I Can Feel Your Heartbeat Do What You Do Woman With A Broken Heart Indian Summer Firebird Cajun Moon One Long Last Look Barbados Bad Weather Across A Painted Sky Midnight Rain Legend Heart of the Night Magnolia Boomerang Ride The Country No Encore"

July 3, 2001 - Poco @ Hudson Gardens, CO
Here's a review of the show thanks to Mark Chrisman
I can say without hesitation that tonight's show was the best POCO show I have ever seen. This was due to many factors which include: the band being tighter than I have ever seen them, Richie Furay showing up and blowing the crowd away, a great sound system, a beautiful Colorado night, and the climax of the show with fireworks going off while POCO played Livin' In the USA. The band played the standard long set of late with a few wrinkles including: Save A Corner of Your Heart For Me (with some beautiful acoustic guitar work by Rusty), Paul Cotton's Do What You Do from Firebird (with Rusty adding some Caribbean sounding guitar), and Livin' In the USA (with some great lyric modifications about Colorado while the sky was lit up with quite a fireworks show). I keep hoping for Indian Summer and/or a return to J.J. Cale's Magnolia; however, that was about all we missed out on. We were treated to Legend, Call It Love, Rose of Cim., Spellbound, Keep On Tryin', Bad Weather, Jack's song (which was great), Crazy Love, Rough Edges, etc. I could see Furay hanging out back stage before the show hugging everyone. About two-thirds through the show he was brought up front and center. His family was sitting in the audience. Richie always seems to add another level to POCO. Richie and the band sang Pickin' Up the Pieces, Child's Claim to Fame, and A Good Feelin' to Know. My one observation about hearing these five sing together is that there is not one weak voice in the band. And getting to hear Richie, George, and Paul harmonize again was just incredible. However, getting to hear those three with two more layers of Rusty and Jack absolutely blew me away. Richie left the stage, and we were treated to Heart of the Night and Boomerang. Rusty never ceases to amaze me with his steel work. I am surprised his Carter D-10 didn't go up in smoke. It was obvious that the band has never been more practiced. All those show at Whiskey Pete's in Jackpot, Nevada have made this band never sound tighter and better. There just weren't many mistakes, and it was obvious the band was having fun with some additional vocals and solo instrument work that we haven't heard in the past. In other words, POCO (just like a bottle of fine wine), seems to just keep getting better and better the more dates they play. Manager Rick Alter really has things heading in the right direction. Armadillo Productions did the sound, and the mix was first rate. I have seen many a POCO show when the promoter didn't hire a good sound crew and I knew that band was playing many times better than they sounded. A live recording of tonight would have been incredible. One last observation, this new album is really going to be something. I have never heard POCO sound tighter. The vocals and harmonies and the instrument work has never been better, and the current lineup really seems to compliment each other. Moreover, they seem to be having fun. Lets just hope that they have time to get Richie into a studio while they are here in Colorado or into Nashville (as has been rumored). Long live POCO!!! July 1, 2001 - Paul re-unites with Mike Anthony after more than 30 years!
Here's what Moe Maloney, former Rovin' Kind fan club president had to say:
Of course, the other highlight of the night was my reuniting Paul and Michael. It was so great I wanted to cry! It was just like old times listening to the 2 of them catch up on everything and talk shop. The moment I took the first photo, Paul exclaimed "Put THAT on the web!"

Photos, Paul & Mike, the Paul & Moe, Naperville, IL, July 1, 2001. Click on image above for larger view

July 1, 2001 - Poco at the Naperville, IL Rib Fest
Here's various reviews of the show
Pat Beals
The band opened their 75 minute set a bit after 8:00 with the rocking Legend. They also played A Good Feelin' To Know, Heart Of The Night, Rose of Cimarron, Keep on Tryin', Call It Love, Rough Edges, Crazy Love, Spellbound, Do What You Do (from Cotton's most recent solo release, Firebird), a Sundrud composition Cain's Blood, Boomerang, and a few more. The 2, 3, and sometimes 4 part harmony vocals were excellent. Cotton's lead guitar licks were tasty. Grantham's drumming was energetic. Young's rhythm and sometimes lead guitar work was sweet and his steel guitar playing was frenetic to say the least while being quite pleasing to the crowd when it was featured. Poco's performance was great and I think they recruited some new, young fans along the way. A group of guys behind me were yelling for more when it was over and were commenting about how could there be such a band so great that they had never heard of before. Another highlight of this show was that all the bands were available after their sets to sign autographs and chat with the fans.
Michael Mikrut
I have been a big fan of Poco's since their first album many years ago. I have never seen them live until now and what a treat it was. The band played many of their well known songs and there was a nice acoustic set in the middle of the performance which consisted of four songs, one of which featured Jack on lead vocals and it was gospel orientated. Rusty did a tremendous job on pedal steel guitar and went wild with a steel guitar solo on BOOMERANG. A very exciting and up lifting concert given by Poco. The sound was very, very good and the harmony vocals were like listening to the records.
Moe Maloney
The show was really GREAT, a thousand times better than San Diego! They were so high energy and Paul and everyone really played their asses off! On a personal level, I was so totally thrilled to get to hear my fav "Firebird" tune, "Do What You Do", and they did it perfectly. I'm running out of adjectives!!

June 30, 2001 - Poco @ Riverfest, Moline IL
Here's a review of the show thanks to Paul Crawford
Got my Poco "fix" after not seeing them perform since 1997. I'd estimate crowd at 1,000, maybe a little more. Poco played between Firefall and PPL sets. Poco sounded tight and played a strong 65-70 minute set, doing several songs I had never before heard live. Sound mix was fine, except got a little distorted during the last two high energy songs. Paul's voice and guitar sounded very nice. Rusty wailed, as usual, on Rough Edges and Boomerang. The band came out afterwards and signed Poco shirts and caps and talked with any and all fans. Don't know how my pictures turned out but my audience audio tape is outstanding.
Call It Love (sort of a spoken word intro by Rusty)
Rose of Cimarron (lots of people recognized it!)
Good Feeling to Know (electric version!!!)
Do What You Do (great lyrics and wonderful harmonies)
Rough Edges (lasted 8-10 minutes)
Acoustic songs -
Keep On Tryin' (also recognized by the crowd)
Save a Corner of Your Heart
Crazy Love
Heart of the Night
Encore - Boomerang.
Paul Crawford

June 14, 2001 - Paul Cotton @ Austin, TX show at the Saxon Pub
Here's a review of the show thanks to Robert Waggoner
To say "GREAT" would be an understatement. First, after listening to Paul's music for 30+ years, then to meet him AND watch this great performance - well, pardon me for gushing or being biased. I am. I don't care. I think 30 years of studying his music gives me all of that levity! The Saxon is a SMALL club. Maybe 150 people total, with only about half-full. I was rather interested to find out how many of these people knew about ISP or Firebird, but apparently, everyone did. It wasn't just Poco fans - it was full of "real" Paul Cotton fans. I got there an hour early to hope to meet him. I did, he was MOST patient and answered questions about the ISP vs. Chicago, a relationship with Jimmy Guercio (the producer of both bands), the late 60s creative explosion in Chicago (about 8 or 9 bands and artist-groups got started during that 1967-1969 3-year stretch...pretty incredibnle). Paul did about 4 numbers from CHANGING HORSES and about all of the FIREBIRD tracks except for THE WAY TO YOU and THERE'S A RIVER (which is a personal favorite! darn!). This was the band's second appearance together, but they were tight and slick, trading lead licks to great precision. One measurement I use for a band's performance is to note the differences between record and live performance, of course. Of the 20 or so numbers they performed, I'd say ZERO live-performances were weak. Maybe 4 or 5 equalled the Studio Recordings, but the other 16 or more surpassed because of enthusiasm and energy. It really was a great show.
- Robert

June 10, 2001 - Paul Cotton @ Coach House
Here's a review of the first performance of the new Paul Cotton Band by SoCal Frank
Well, it was another stellar night for those of us lucky enough to be at the Coach House on June 10, 2001. Paul Cotton opened for Canned Heat in a show that lasted about an hour, but featured many great songs, some we have never heard in concert, some that we haven't heard in years, and some that are reworks of songs currently ion the Poco set list. Andy Rios , our wives, and I were lucky enough to sit at the foot of Paul's microphone for the show. We arrived around 6:15 and had dinner. At 7:15, a band who's name I never heard, played an hour long set of loud barroom music. Mostly originals, with one cover being Deep Purple's "Hush". At 8:30 Paul and his band took the stage. The band consisted of, left to right as you look at the stage:
Acoustic guitar and vocals - John Thaler
Bass and Vocals - Steve Jones
Guitar and vocals - Paul Cotton
Guitar and slide guitar - Tony Mandracchia
Drums were set up in the back and handled by Chris Cotton
Paul came on stage wearing all black. Throughout the show he played a white Gibson Les Paul with mother of pearl inlays in the frets. Great looking guitar. For his solo acoustic number, he played a small Taylor that was normally played by Thaler.
Set list consisted of: song - album
I Can Hear Your Heartbeat - Changing Horses
Do What You Do - Firebird
Woman With A Broken Heart - Firebird
Indian Summer - Indian Summer
Firebird - Firebird
Bad Weather - Firebird/From The Inside (solo acoustic)
Cajun Moon - Cowboys and Englishmen
One Long Last Look - Changing Horses
Barbados - Legend
Across A Painted Sky - Firebird
Heart Of The Night - Legend
Eleven great songs. I saw a copy of the set list afterwards, and they had planned to play Legend and some others, but they were cut short on time. They, apparently, were only scheduled for one hour. Highlights - All of them
Firebird was dedicated to Paul's partner, Linda, who was in the audience. He said she was the one who inspired the song.
Prior to Bad Weather, Paul related the story that prior to September 13, 1970, he had been in a band called Illinois Speed Press, and had played with Poco at several places, most notably at the White Room in Buena Park (near Knott's Berry Farm for those of you out of the area). He had heard the Jim Messina was leaving the band, and his friend Peter Cetera had recommended him to the guys in Poco. On September 13, 1970, he met with the rest of the band at Richie Furay's house and played Bad Weather for them. He said it was only the second song he had ever written, and that it has been very good to him throughout the years. He also mentioned that when he auditioned with it, the song had 13 chords, but over the years, he has shortened it some. (I counted 3 chords, D, A, G, but I am sure I missed some)
Back to Electric for Cajun Moon. Into One Long Last Look, which Paul said was his favorite from the Changing Horses album. Before playing Across A Painted Sky, Paul said that this song had been hiding for about 15 or 16 years. He said it was Rusty's best follow-up to Rose Of Cimarron, but Rusty had forgotten he wrote it, so it stayed packed away for all those years. Paul handled all lead vocals in the songs. It would have been great to have Rusty sing his parts. Hopefully, this will end up in a Poco set list at some point.
Prior to the show, Jeff Naumann from So Cal came over and introduced himself to Andy and I. A great guy. The West Coast contingent is building, gang. Pretty soon, we will out do the Flori-Bama gang. The three of us were able to meet up with Paul after the show, thanks to Rich "Roo" and John Thaler. Paul seemed very please with the way things went. He was very animated on stage, cutting jokes and having fun. More so that during any Poco show that I have seen. He seemed generally pleased that people came out to see him. (after he left the stage, the entire audience was up cheering and calling for more. even after the house lights came on. we all wanted more. I could see them at the top of the stairs trying to talk to the stage people to let them come back for one more, but they wouldn't let them. too bad.)
Paul said the Poco album is coming along nicely. When I asked about Richie being involved, he "indicated" something was going to happen. He also mentioned something about a week in the Caymans to get things wrapped up so that sounds good. Paul was kind enough to autograph some ticket stubs and pose for pictures with all of us. I will get the pics up on my website soon so we can all share. Here is an interesting note. I have the feeling that most of the people there were there to see Paul, and not Canned Heat. The house was not full. Maybe 200 people. But, when Paul finished his set and his part of the show was over, I would swear most of those people left the house. It wouldn't surprise me to hear that less than 100 people were left to see Canned Heat. Picked up a great new Firebird t-shirt. Probably the same one available through Futuredge. Gray, with the Firebird cover picture on the back, and the name of the album over the left breast. Nice shirt. All in all, a great night. I know Paul is not doing a long tour with this, but if you get a chance to see this show, even if you have to drive to get there, I would recommend you go. Great fun. Thanks to Roo, John and especially Paul for a great night. We all had fun. frank

Paul's son, Chris Cotton...

June 2, 2001 - Poco in St. Petersburg, FL.
Thanks to Bruce in Naples
Just got in after a 2+ hour drive back to Naples. 1st impression of the show--the boys have improved vastly from their last visit to Tampa (Treasure Island last fall)--not that they were not good then either. This time, the vocals were much better and there was more intensity to the instrumentation. The weather was pleasant and the outdoor venue was conducive to a good time. They played for 65 minutes with only one encore (PPL was due out). Opened with Legend and it really rocked. Jack's bass resonated deep in everyone's chest; combined with George's usual excellent drum work, the rhythm of the song kept driving. Other songs include Call It Love, A Good Feeling To Know, Keep on Tryin', Paul solo effort on Bad Weather (background vocals by the other 3), Rose of C, Heart of the Night (Rusty's only pedal steel work), Crazy Love, Boomerang, a Jack tune (King something), Rough Edges and a song off Firebird. I may have forgotten one or two? Again, instrumentally the band was very tight. A large crowd was there and very much into it. What I miss from this version of POCO is a high end vocal; it was especially noticable during AGFTK and the closing verse of ROC. While these guys sound very good, the addition of a high end voice would round it out perfectly. Just MH
Bruce in Naples

June 1, 2001 - Westbury Set List.
Thanks to Charlie Wade
POCO opened up with Call it Love and went right into ROC! Other songs were AGFTK, Heart of the Night, Crazy Love, On the Way Home, Rought Edges, What do people Know, Bad Weather. Well POCO's abbreviated set was really unbelievable they sounded and played superb! The harmonies and guitar playing blew me away too!
Charlie Wade

June 1, 2001 - Westbury Music Fair (More details).
Thanks to Dennis Whelan
It was great to actually see the band live again after so many years. They put on a great set- only two complaints .
1. Way too short (especially after hearing about NH) and
2. Technical problems with the equipment early on and late in the set. Did not make a bad time, just hampered it a bit.
Great version of Bad Weather solo by Paul with the other 3 doing the backup harmonies. Jack got to do two of his songs - one with as he called it the "Poco Singers" as his backup. I don't think anyone will be disapointed by his contributions to the mix. Great mix of songs from almost all facets of their history- including the band's pre-history- Buffalo Springfield.(Nothing new-unless one of the songs Jack did is going to be on the disc.) We even got a great pedal steel performance by Rusty. Would have liked a little more of that. I think alot of people would agree if Rusty or Paul were ever to stop being involved it would no longer be Poco. It's also great to have another Founding Father back behind the drums and out front singing. Enjoy the show in Florida and everywhere else they are going to be. Drive long distances if you have to. You won't be disapointed.

June 1, 2001 - Westbury Music Fair.
Here's some great stuff from Jon Rosenbaum
Mark Gould and I had the Poco experience of a lifetime last night at Westbury Music Fair. Definitely something I'll always remember. These guys are the nicest people you'd ever want to meet..........Last week my wife and I had done some Photoshop work for some new promo photos of the band and being very appreciative, they greeted me (and Mark) like good friends. We ended up spending the afternoon and pre-show with the band including a soundcheck that was a private show for us (One Tear at A Time, Keep On Tryin, Legend, The Beatles' If I Needed Someone, which was done as a full band, and then a capella, and a bit of Rusty doing Under The Gun). We were also treated to a nice pre-show dinner outside under a tent. Mark posted a wrap-up about the evening on AOL so I am pasting it below:
"Greetings, all: Jon and I had a wonderful time last night, backstage and at soundcheck and show with the band, opening for America at Westbury Music Fair. The prior post here was right on. It was the tightest sounding and best harmonies we have heard in a long, long time. We got to the venue in the mid afternoon, and the van with the band rolled up soon after. We went in with the band, and were treated to a half hour sound check with no one else in the theatre (how does Poco doing the Beatles "If I Needed Someone" sound to you!). The set was incredible, very acoustic by design since America, according to Rusty, attracts " a quieter crowd." They got three standing ovations, which, according to the comments backstage after the set, really blew them away. We learned that 11 tracks are in the can for the new record, although they want to finish it completely before they try to market it to a record company. It looks like a spring 2002 release at this point. Paul confirmed that he will be doing three shows out West with a four piece band to promote "Firebird." He will have his son playing drums for him. The real kicker for us was, after the show, famed NY deejay Pete Fornatale came back stage. Pete, as you know, wrote the liner notes for "Deliverin'" and "Very Best." It was a lot of fun to talk about the Poco years with him. We took pictures with the entire band and Pete, which made it special. It was a very warm, wonderful night. All that was missing was our heart and soul, Dennis (Richards), but we know he was there in spirit. Mark"
It was also good seeing some of the list people before the show. I keep putting in their (and management's) ear that the NYC area is a great place for them to play, like in the old days. After hearing the crowd's reaction to them, I know they agree. America did a nice set too, including all of their hit songs. We met Gerry Beckley in Poco's dressing room before the show, and he was a very friendly guy. A set list will follow in a future post. It was a bit different than the last few shows I saw, including 2 Jack songs and a brand new version of Bad Weather that includes background harmonies.

May 31, 2001 - Poco in Newport, NH
Thanks to Brad Sandler
Just got back earlier today from the Newport show. It was fantastic!!! This was my wife's first Poco show and even though she has heard and enjoyed their records, I think she was surprised at how good they are in concert. Some of the hilights: They opened with Legend they were tight right from the get go. I knew we were in for a rockin' show after that. A long intro to Rose of Cimmaron because Rusty kept talking to the audience, built a nice tension into the song. A previuos post mentioned the harmonies on Bad Weather at Westbury. In NH they let Paul go completely solo and Rusty, Jack and George only came out for harmonies on the last verse. The whole night sort of went that way, with the guys having fun with the show. A version of Spellbound seemed rather boring until Paul ripped into the best long guitar solo I have ever heard from him. In fact the audience was totally Spellbound! As Garry noted George came out front for the acoustic set and sounded great. I could really tell how much they missed his harmonies. And his drumming was right on, driving the music. The biggest disappointment was Rusty saved the pedal steel for the very end. I can't remember the whole set list but it was a politically correct Poco list including songs from all the writers including Randy and Tim.
Brad Sandler

May 24, 2001 - Extraxts from Jim Beal Jr. San Antonio Express-News interviewing Rusty
....If you turn on commercial country radio and listen to the sound coming out of Nashville today, the current crop of country stars is doing what Poco started doing in 1968 in Southern California, except Poco did it with more grit and less calculation. "It's kind of funny," Young said without really laughing. "When I came to Nashville in 1985 the record mogul was Jimmy Bowen. We sat down with him and we had just come off a record where Paul (Cotton)and I had hit singles. Jimmy Bowen started telling us what we couldn't have on a record ù certain guitar sounds, a certain drum sound, two lead vocalists. Five years later in Nashville they were making the records they said we couldn't make. I'm glad Jimmy Bowen has retired and moved to Hawaii." "It takes a combination of a lot of things to keep a band together," Young said. "I've known George Grantham since we were 16 and in kid bands in Colorado. Paul joined in 1970 so we've been bandmates and best friends for 30 years. I'm a fan of his.
For full interview & comments click here

April, 2001 - The Oregon Tour: April 6 (Grant's Pass), 7 (Bend), 8 (Portland).
Here's a report on the shows thanks to Marty Siltanen
It was a great time! Thanks to Chip and Shawna, Gary and I sat in the front row in Bend and Portland. (We settled for second row, centre, for the Grant's Pass show). Poco fans are the best! We were so close in Bend you felt like backing up when Rusty stepped to the front of the stage for some solo work. Shawna did have to move back a little at one one point when Rusty couldn't sit on the monitor for his Rough Edges lap steel solo, so he stepped off and sat on the edge the the stage right in front of her. Rusty had to do this also in Portland but suffered what they called a "senior's moment" when Paul and Jack had to help him get up... he almost landed in the drum kit... great laughs by everyone! Grant's Pass was my favorite show, since that was my first since 1974. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. I was smiling for hours afterwards. The Bend show had the most powerful sound of the three, being in a small bar with a low ceiling. I loved the power. These guys can rock when they want to! One Tear is a great song with crossover potential. They still have the country-rock touch, too! Gary and I also drove the tourist route and saw the coast, the Cascades, the high desert and the Columbia River Gorge... it was gorgeous! We ran into Rusty and Paul at the Portland airport on Monday just before we had to board our flight. They had some time to kill and seemed to be settling in. They were very friendly to us and again thanked us for coming in from Canada. I'm sure they thought we were crazy to come that far but... great company, great fans, great music, great scenery... what more can you ask for? Thanks, Poco! Shoot For The Moon! Come to Canada, eh!

Photo, George, Rusty, Paul & Jack at the Rogue theatre in Grant's Pass April 6, courtesy of Marty Siltanen Click on image above for larger view

April 7, 2001 - More details on Bend, OR show at Boogie Woogies
Here's more details on the set list thanks to H. Scott Oviatt
Legend, Call It Love, Rose of Cimarron, Days Gone By, AGFTK, Spellbound (monster jam by Paul!), 1 Tear at A Time (which Rusty confirmed would be on the new CD), Rough Edges (w/ usual Rusty pyrotechnics on the audience floor), Keep On Tryin' (acoustic), Bad Weather (Paul Solo), It Must Be Love(Jack Song, w/ Jack on acoustic and G,P,R singing backup as Poco singers),Shoot For the Moon (1st 2 verses!!!),Crazy Love, Heart Of The Night, Encore: Boomerang
As usual, it was worth the 5-hour one-way drive.

February 22, 2001 - Freebird Cafe, Jacksonville, FL
Here's a report on the show thanks to Wayne Graves
This was one great performance. Awesome sound system ! The band was tighter than I have EVER heard them. It was pretty much the standard set-list we have heard the past few years with the addition of Jack's song, Must Be Love. One Tear at a Time was included also. It was about an hour and a half show. Paul should be on the list of greatest guitar players ever, a superb night on guitar, George was rocking and grinning, Jack was thumping and smiling and Rusty is THE BOSS. Jim O, Mike & I were seated middle of the stage, fifteen feet from the band and I am still smiling. The band was accessible, signed everything put in front of them and talked with everyone. They really seem to be having a good time playing together. One guy in line had every vinyl Poco album as well as the two ISP's and he got every copy signed. Thanks Poco for still making this possible.

January 27, 2001 - Keshena, WI
Here's a report for everyone on the Poco concert Saturday night... thanks to J. Merle
I was privileged to attend the Poco/Firefall concert at Keshena, WI. Great show! Firefall opened up and was very impressive. Our heroes followed shortly thereafter, beginning with Legend, Call It Love and Rose Of Cimarron. It was great to see George back with the group, and the audience certainly made him feel welcome. One of the highlights of the concert was when George came out from behind the drum kit to harmonize on Keep On Tryin'. And, of course, Rusty was phenomenal on the slide and steel guitars on Rough Edges, Heart Of The Night and Boomerang. After the concert we went to the autograph signing in a reception area at the casino. We were the first ones in the room, when a second door opened, and Rusty and George appeared. Paul and Jack arrived shortly after. I started talking to George about the new album. He said that they have eight tracks done, with only the vocals yet to be added. Also, Richie is singing and playing on the album and has written two of the songs so far. George said Jack would also be contributing a song or two.

January 13, 2001 - NEW POCO ALBUM!
Initial rehearsals and recording start this weekend. Richie won't be involved immediately but they hope he will be involved in the subsequent sessions. Poco and Mike Clute will be producing the new album.

Rusty has ventured into cyberspace & made a couple of comments on the Poco mailing lists. Here's what he has to say:
Hello, all you Poconuts-and I mean that lovingly! I just got a new computer and Will [my son] is teaching me how to use it, so you'll have to forgive my computer and typing skills.It's really interesting to hear what you guys are talking about and I'm going to try to be more active in responding. First off, Paul's coming in to Nashville next week to start rehearsals and recording. Then we're playing a casino in Wisconsin before the next sessions. And yes, this time around George will be playing and singing. The only reason he didn't play on the reunion record were because of medical reasons. And you know, I'm not sure it's fair to say Jimmy and Randy were only in it to help their solo careers, because after the Legacy record- Jimmy, Randy and I went into the studio with Mike Clute [who's doing the next record] and demo'd five song's to pitch for a new record for Poco, but no major label was interested so everyone went their own way. Anyhow, I'm excited about doing a new record- Paul and I haven't recorded together in almost twenty years. The challenge is to make Poco music that stands up to everyone's expectations-yours and ours! As it stands, we're getting the recording process going and we'll see what Richie wants to do as far as recording,touring, etc. He's expressed interest in recording and touring, and it would be great to have him involved[obviously], but sometimes things get more complicated than you expect. He's such an amazing guy, I'm hoping we can work something out that will work for him and for the other guys in the band. Thanks for caring,

January 1, 2001 - NEW YEARS EVE SHOW
Here's a review of the New Years Eve show, at the Universal Amphitheatre.. thanks to Jeff Naumann
The show at Universal was about 2/3 sold. Christopher Cross opened at 9:20 pm and was in fine form. If you like his music, you had to be pleased with the sound quality, but he was obviously using a lot of canned music. Rusty, Paul, Jack and George came out almost immediately after CC and helped set up within full view of the audience. Rusty was funny, waving and pointing at people in the pit and setting his instruments down in strategic locations, at one point telling one of his guitars to "stay." Although it was primarily the same song set we had seen at Humphries in San Diego, Poco was in as good a form as I have ever seen or heard them, and that covers at least 15 shows dating back to 1977. Paul's voice sounded great and for once the mix was perfect for his solos on "Legend" and "Call It Love." "Rose Of Cimmaron" was next with the obligatory nod to Slim Whitman. My wife Cathy says she wishes Rusty would wear a cowboy hat or something. She says he looks like E.T. "Rough Edges" was a real crowd pleaser with Rusty sitting on the edge of the stage. This was followed by "A Good Feelin' To Know" and "Keep On Tryin." Rusty acknowledged "Timmy Schmit" for those keeping score in the country rock wars. Both songs were the Reader's Digest versions. "Crazy Love" followed and then Paul and Rusty pulled out all the stops with the best "Heart Of The Night" I have ever heard live and closed with "Boomerang." Poco left the stage with about 45 minutes left until midnight and Rusty and Paul came back out at 12 to sing "Auld Lang Syne" with America. Rusty finally had a hat on (a paper party hat) and Gerry Buckley acknowledged them and thanked them for coming out. I have seen Poco 3 times now in 2000. Every show was better than the last and all of them much too short. One of these days we should put together our ultimate song list and get it to the band for their perusal and consideration. Jeff in SoCal

July 15, 2000 - FRISCO SHOW
Here's a nice review of the recent show, Sat. night July the 15th in Frisco, CO.. thanks to Brian Duffy
Let me tell you, Poco really tore it up last Saturday in Frisco! even though the rain never let up until the show was over. The beginning of the show was delayed by about thirty minutes while the safety factor was evaluated by electrical personnel. However, the stage was under a tent and protected from much of the rain. The lineup was Rusty,Paul, George, and Jack Sundrud. The show opened with Legend. In addition to their now standard setlist, the "big surprise" came when Richie Furay came on stage. This part of Richie's performance included: "Childs Claim to Fame", "Kind Woman ", and "A Good Feelin' To Know". After these songs he left the stage while Poco played a few more songs. Richie came back for the first encore, and sang for the first time live with Poco: "On The Way Home". The second encore was "Made Of Stone" w/o Richie. 'Made of Stone' just ripped!! Richie's visit with them seem to energize them. When he left the stage Rusty told the crowd; That's Richie Furay...he's my hero!".

Thanks to Naomi Elkins we have this great pictorial of the Poco show at Foxwoods Casino, May 27th. Link Here to see the Pics!

April 28, 2000 - FIREBIRD SHIPPING
Shipping of the Firebird CD has now commenced!

February 18, 2000 - SHOW REVIEW
This is a concert review by fellow Poco fan, Wayne Graves
"Wow, what a treat we enjoyed tonight. The guys sounded better than I remember hearing them in the 10 or so years. Rusty announced that Sony was possibly gonna release a new Poco album and that Richie would be on it as well as "lots of our friends". He also announced Pauls new album would be out next month. Perhaps knowing they would be able to record again gave them some new energy & fire, as they were great. Good playing, singing and the sound system was good. On Church Street, they block off the street to vehicles on weekend nights. The concert is in a courtyard off the street. Well, the courtyard was packed, the street was packed and the balcony around the restaurants upstairs were packed...they were selling 16 oz. Becks on the street.....and 4 blocks away, the Magic were playing the Lakers.....I bet Poco had the larger crowd. The set list:
1. Legend
2. Call It Love ( a crowd favorite)
3. Rose Of Cimarron ( wonderful solo by Paul )
4. Days Gone By
5. Spellbound ( I have heard them do this song many times, but never quite the same as they did it tonight. Paul & Rusty did a dueling guitar interplay that was amazing.)
6. Rough Edges ( Rusty broke out the little dobro looking thing and just blew
the audience away ) 7. Made of Stone ( Paul did a masterful guitar solo )
8. Cajun Moon ( Rusty tore it up again with the little dobro looking ! )
9. Bad Weather ( every one left the stage except Paul. This song still gives me chills)
10. A Good Feelin' To Know ( Rusty appeared with a 12 string, Paul still had his accoustic. Good harmony. Rusty credited & thanked Richie )
11. Crazy Love ( audience knew & sang every word )
12. Heart of The Night ( Only steel guitar song of the sweet )
They said goodnight at this point & left the stage............but I knew they would be back for .......
13. Boomerang ( well, it was the same steel guitar, it just sounded like something else. A guy in the middle seats got up & started dancing. Another guy (Doug Pawlus, the Pocofan with the tattoo of the 7 Horseshoe with the Legend horse inside it. Steve got a photo of the tattoo on his digital camera before the show ) got up & urged the rest of the crowd to their feet. Everyone stood and ROCKED to this song ! At the end, Rusty pulls the plug on the steel & walks away ) They said goodnight again, said they would see us again next year (YES !! ) and left the stage......but the energy was still they came back out and did...
14. On The Way Home ( homage to the group that started it all. I have heard them do this song before, but tonight it had something extra. ) Fantastic Concert. Best I can remember in a while. Paul & Rusty looked well, Rusty had his head shaved..Richard Neville had shoes on....They all seemed to be really having a good time.Tim Smith drummed his butt off & Richard Neville supplied a steady beat all night. Once while Rusty was playing "the thing", I think on Cajun Moon, I saw Richard standing looking over Rusty's shoulder shaking his head in amazement. Sorry for running on & on, but it was a very satisfying night ! 30 plus years of good memories. What other concert could do that ? thanks, wayne"

Photo, Rusty & Paul Orlando Fl, Feb 18, 2000 courtesy of Steve Miller Click on image above for larger view

February 16, 2000
Futuredge is the label on which Paul Cotton's Firebird will be released. The rough mix for one track, "Woman with a Broken Heart" is completed & you can listen to this new song in MP3 or RealAudio formats. You can pre-order the Firebird CD at a discount or even pre-order an autographed copy by linking If you want to link directly to the MP3/RealAudio page, use: January 16, 2000
From Paul: "Here's the latest on the Firebird project: Most of the guitars have been added. I will finish those this week. Then we'll start vocals, keyboards and percussion. I am very pleased with the results thus far. When the vocals are finished, we'll have Rusty contribute his part. All and all, it is looking like a March release. We are still waiting on good weather for the photo shoot as well. There will be a Poco CD. Can't say when, but we're talking not so much about doing it, as about the best way possible to get it to the marketplace (i.e. internet vs. stores, etc.)

November 30, 1999
This is a message from fellow Poco fan, Jason Lyle "I mixed the sound again for Estéban on QVC this evening and I overheard a co-worker ask the drummer, Joe Morris, what he does when he's not playing for Estéban. Joe replied he's also a session drummer. "In fact I just finished playing drums for the new Poco album", he said. I had to jump in, "EXCUSE ME???? DID YOU JUST SAY POCO? As in Rusty Young and Paul Cotton?" Joe looked at me and corrected himself, "well, it's Paul Cotton's new album. It's easier for most folks to recognize the name Poco". We got to talking about this new album of Paul's. Joe is really excited about it. He said he drummed on all cuts with bassist Richard Neville. Joe was sincere when he said that Paul Cotton is one of the nicest guys on the face of the earth, as well as an amazing songwriter and guitarist. Joe said he was returning to the studio in a few weeks for the final mixdown sessions. Joe Morris is a pretty damn good drummer, too. Paul's new CD will certainly have a solid rhythm section. Jason" Check out Joe's website THE JOE MORRIS WEB SITE

September 20, 1999
Paul's son James signs into the guestbook. Thanks James!
Rich...or should I now sign, "Roo"???

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