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Welcome to my new net home....
I torched my last one...
Don't let the insurance company know!

Some Cool Links:
YNot! Greeting cards

My friend's websites:
Amnroff'sHomepage: Check it out and learn more about this nice lady!
Amnroff'sThoughts on life.
Tessa's Homepage
Medu-Netr,my friend's group, hear some kick butt hip-hop!

VP Chat Sites:
Place: Pebbles' own little hideaway
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Brightfire's Refuge
The Dragoness'Realm: Enter the home of the Dragoness
Sunshine!:A little bit o' Sunshine
Bertie's Place

VP Chat Gestures:
MrJoker's Gestures

Picture Gallery:Some Pics O' Me

Learn about:Me

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