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1970 Lemon-Twist Yellow Duster

1970 Plymouth Duster V8. This car is a factory V8 with a floor shifted manual transmision. It also has the much coveted 8 3/4" rear end. (I recently sold an 8 3/4" A-body rear like the one this car has for $650) But the coolest thing about this car to me car is the FY1 Lemon Twist Yellow paint.

This car started out with a 318 3-speed on the floor, but is just begging to become a 340 4-speed clone. And wouldnt it look good with that bright Lemon Twist Yellow paint job with black accents?

This car is complete with the exception of the missing transmission. I think the guy said that it was still running when it was parked but it has been parked so long I am sure that it will need work now.

I do not wish to sell both of the 1970 Dusters, but I will sell one of them and build the other one. This one is my favorite of the two, but is not the better body of the two.


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