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Where Love Abounds

My Child, the things you think concern Me,
The things you think will separate,
The one thing I look for
and the one thing I see.
Listen close, My child.
Is your faithfulness to Me.

You've seen My Love in action.
You've seen Me move in your behalf.
You've cried and I have answered.
We've even shared a laugh!

We've walked so close together.
You know I won't turn away.
I've led you through the wilderness.
My Child, fret not
and rest in what I say.

You hear Me in the midnight hour
when all else is quiet and still.
It's then I share My plans with you
and you tell me how you feel.

Praise Me, My Child!
You are Mine.
I like having you around.
You give Me joy and pleasure.
I look down upon you
and I see Love abound!


Martha's Moments With The Master