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The Tree

The lightning danced across the sky.
The thunder rumbled and rolled.
I heard 'The Tree' let out a sigh
as the wind caused it to fold.

I sensed the pain that tree must know
as it straightened to stand again.
Pain it somehow couldn't let show
as it continued to twist and bend.

Then, the storm began to cease.
Quiet was heard beyond the wall.
Daybreak brought the sunshine.
God smiled,
for 'The Tree' stood proud and tall.

Not a branch was broken.
Majestic was its form.
The Father in all His mercy
had secured it through the storm!


The Tree is a real tree in a yard in Denison, TX, and the storm was a real storm in Tree's life and in the life of the messenger.
I am happy to report that we both were 'secured' through the storm.

Martha's Moments With The Master