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Table of Contents

Is It Too Late
Alpha & Omega
A Song of Love
Hear The Children
The Pillow of Dusty Blue
The Will to Fight
Goin' My Way
The Tree
His Masterpiece
The Guitarman
He Sends His Cleansing Rain
The Master's With Me
He Will Carry You 'Cross The Sand
What Might Have Been
It's Not a Feeling
Psalm 1:1-3
He Has The Plan
The Maker of The Stars
Where Love Abounds
Watch The Eagle Soar
The Midnight Hour
Love Can Bear The Pain
Da Bad Dude
The Nightmare
Somebody Better'n Me
Christmas 2000
In My Place
Stir The Ashes
A Rose
Sentenced & Set Free
Love Lives Here Again
Hold Me
Special People & Special Places
WebRings & Things
Awards To Honor Him