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The Maker of The Stars

Sad, disillusioned and weary
You tremble in fear of what's to be.
You wonder if time will find you the same
or one day will you be free.

Tears are a luxury you can't afford
For they weaken your strength and your will.
Today's just another of pain and sorrow.
You're alone
with only your memories to feel

The night has come.
Will the dark bring tragedy or peace?
There's no break in the hurt.
Is it possible for the storm to ever cease?

Look up to the sky.
Is anyone there?
My friend, it's time to rejoice.
There is Someone and He does care.
To allow Him to fix it is your choice.

He created you to be His friend.
He so wants to give you His all.
It's time for this comedy of errors to end.
You can lean upon Him for He won't let you fall.

It's the Maker of the Stars and He's waiting for you
To take you under His wing.
As He gives you unspeakable joy and His love
Once again, your heart learns to sing.


Martha's Moments With The Master