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Shoutin' AMEN

I'm in the Amen Corner
while Preacher's doin' his thing.
I've got my eye on the chandelier
and I'm gettin' ready to swing.

Each time he does his Holy Ghost dance,
I'm screamin' and yellin' some more.
I'm jumpin' and clappin' my hands.
I'm headed for the other shore.

The sermon, too soon, is over.
I'm exhausted from all that work.
But I'm ready to meet the world head-on
and that's one task I won't shirk.

Suddenly, it's MONDAY!
I can't believe the dilemma I'm in.
It's time for a decision........
Do I go forth with the Sword of the Spirit
run back shoutin' "AMEN"?????


Martha's Moments With The Master