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Sentenced & Set Free

I stand before you
guilty in the first degree.
I let the wooing of this world take my heart from you.
God, oh, God,
hear my plea!

Sin and I had a love affair.
It left me broken and bruised.
I can still hear the laughter as I cried in my pain.
No longer courted.

Had I known the price I would pay
I'd have turned my back on sin's charm.
But it's too late,
that bridge has been crossed.
When I accepted the lie
that it could do me no harm.

You're saying my sentence has been served by another?
I don't understand how this could be
How can I be forgiven?
I don't deserve to go free.
Who could love me so much as
to give His life
that I might live mine with joy?
I'm not fit for love such as this.
Need I remind You,
I was sin's prized toy!

I look up into the face of Jesus.
seeing such love
and it' mine to claim.
I call Him, Lord!
I call Him, Savior!
His was the Blood spilled
to blot out my blame!


Martha's Moments With The Master