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He Will Carry You 'Cross The Sand

When it seems there are no answers to the questions we yearn to ask.
When it seems we are forsaken and we've no strength to meet the task.
Lean your head upon the Master and let Him take you by the hand.
He will lead you.
He will love you.
He will carry you 'cross the sand.

I won't try to tell you I know how you must feel.
Only Father God can do that for only He is real.
All this other stuff is but a shadow.
A moment in time's span.
No matter what you're facing
He will carry you 'cross the sand.

Lay your head upon His shoulder.
Give to Him your pain and tears.
He knows your heart is heavy.
Only He can ease your fears.

Take the hurt that's deep within you.
Place it in his mighty hand.
He's the One who truly loves you.
He will carry you 'cross the sand.


Martha's Moments With The Master