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He Sends His Cleansing Rain

A little boy asked his mom one day,
listen to what he had to say,
"Mom, why don't God,
Who can do everything,
stop those people who cause so much pain?
They're mean and cruel
and they live to break apart
a tender soul,
a loving heart.
Why don't God just kill 'em dead?"

The mother thought for awhile,
she prayed some, too.
"Oh, dear God, what should I do?
Speak to me,
tell me, where do I go?
How do I answer,
he wants to know."

He waited ever so patient
for one thing he knew.
Next to God,
Momma would know the right thing to do.
There was so much he didn't understand
but one thing was certain.
God loved his Momma
and He always held her hand.
How did he know?
Why, Momma told him so.

She started to speak,
precise and slow.
"Son, you have to understand,
there's a lot I don't know.
But I believe God has spoken to me.
He loves them
and He wants them set free.
Free of the torment that drives them so strong.
Yes, He loves them
even though they do wrong.
He gave His Son.
His begotten One.
He did it for you.
He did it for me.
He did it for them,
however mean they might be.
But they must repent
of what they have done.
Give their life to the Father by accepting His Son.
He'll forgive them
as though it happened not.
If they try to remind Him,
He'll say He forgot."

"Yes, Son, there's a whole lot I don't understand.
Why good folks die young,
that's not in God's plan.
We have an enemy and destruction's his game.
He's out to kill,
his joy is to maim.
But one thing I'm sure.
I know to be true.
God sent His angels to protect me and you.
We don't have to fear if our eyes are on Him.
If He is our Light,
all else will grow dim."

"Son, I'm sorry
there's so much pain and sorrow.
But we've been promised a brighter tomorrow.
One where Jesus will take us one day.
One where Love guides our way.
So, let's be sure
we tell all we can
that Jesus does care
and He'll take their hand.
He'll change that heart so cruel and so black
He'll love them.
He'll help them.
He'll give them some slack.
They hurt,
they have to,
to cause so much pain.
But He's there!
He awaits to send His cleansing rain!"

Martha's Moments With The Master