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He Has The Plan

I want to take a moment to tell you about my precious family. God has blessed me so much with two beautiful children and a great son-in-law and that once-in-a-lifetime daughter-in-law who is also a wonderful friend and who loves the Lord with all her heart. Two granddaughters who are absolutely the sweetest and prettiest in the whole wide world. The oldest is married and he fits right in for he was hand picked by the Lord. UPDATE:God has blessed me with the second "grand-son-in-law" and he is a sweetheart. I am now a great grandmother! Now, if you doubt any of the above, you should meet them and you would be quick to agree with me. I said all that to say this, this poem is dedicated to Vic who had a recent conversation with the Lord and it could have gone something like this;

"My child, you've made your plans of life
based on what you imagined you wanted to do.
Every now and then you allowed Me to put in a thought or two.
You just knew you could do this
even if you might need some help to make it go.
You put Me in the wings
til you decided it was time for Me to show.

Aah, no, no, NOT.
It just won't work that way.
So listen, My Child, to what I have to say.
I have the custom made plan for each and everyone.
Designed by Me.
Made possible by My Dear Son.

If you want to see things really begin to move.
Step back.
Give Me some room.
Watch Me set you in your groove.

Leave it up to Me to make it happen.
Trust Me to steer you toward the action.
I created the path you are to tread.
I have your plan before My eyes this very day.
be content until you hear Me say,
'Come, My Child,
take My hand for it's time for us to move ahead.'


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