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I woke up that morning and there was a difference in the air.
Something was going on
I didn't know what.
I didn't know where.

I went to town and stopped by Ron's jewelry store.
Everything downtown was in such an uproar.
It seemed rather odd to me
that the store was empty....
no one was there.
Something was definitely going on.
But what?

Cars were in the middle of the street with no drivers in sight.
You could feel the air thick with fright.
A woman was screaming at Dr. Dixon's door.
It sounded like she said,
"I didn't believe you before!"
But no one was there.
They were gone.

I went by the bank just to see someone I knew.
Fear gripped my heart for it was chaos there too.
I called my kids but they must not be at home.
At least, if they are,
they don't answer the phone.

I remember those Christians.
I called them, Nuts.
They said there would come a day
when Jesus would come to take them away.
I thought,
"Those fanatics,
they don't know what they're talking about."
Then I remembered....
last night I dreamed I heard someone shout.

I awoke all covered with sweat.
I thanked the Lord it hadn't happened yet.
For there are many who don't think it so.
But, my friend, you have to know.
One day there WILL be a shout and His children WILL go.
I pray that you,
because I do care,
won't be one who says,
"Something different is in the air.



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