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Goin' My Way

Oh, the years I spent in my own private hell,
I was in prison with no bars nor a cell.
It wasn't worth the price I did pay.
Bound for destruction, just
goin' my way.

I had me convinced no one would be hurt.
If with the drug scene I often did flirt.
It was my life, only I had the say.
Leave me alone for I'm just
goin' my way.

The drinkin',
the high life,
the women and song.
Man, I was havin' fun so this couldn't be wrong.
I'd take the bad time
and let come what may
cause I was determined to be
goin' my way.

I came to the end of the road with a sudden halt.
I'd got in over my head but it wasn't my fault.
Yet, for the first time in my life
I wished I knew now to pray.
I'd found nothing but darkness in
goin' my way.

Then someone came and took hold of me.
They stood by my side til I was set free.
They introduced me to Jesus and what can I say?
There is life in the Light and I'm
goin' His way!


Martha's Moments With The Master