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The Master's With Me

The clouds began to roll
and the waves were high and wild.
The thunder crashed and
I heard a voice above it all,
"Fear not, be not weary.
Trust in Me, My child."
The Lord had sounded His call.

Yes, the storm was getting fierce
but I knew I held the key.
I could focus on what was or
I could look upon my Father
who longed to set me free.

I hear the peace as it begins to drift my way.
The fury no longer controls the night.
I now understand His burning desire
for me to know my right.

Yes, the Master's in the boat with me
and we've ridden out the storm.
It is no more!
Victory is mine!
Because of the love of Jesus,
we've made it to the other shore.
It will happen everytime!


Martha's Moments With The Master