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Love Lives Here Again

Before you start to read,
let me assure you that God is not a respecter of persons.
If He does it for one, He will gladly do it for another.
Only trust Him!

The walls were strong.
The walls built high.
No one seemed to care.
No one to see her cry.

She had a talk with the Lord one day.
Listen to what she had to say.
"Lord, will it always be like this?"
"For I have not the strength to go on this way."

Only quiet was heard.
The Lord uttered not a sound.
a gentle breeze came drifting all around.
Twas then she heard Him speak so clear,
"Trust Me, My child, My precious, My dear."

"How can I, Lord?
You must tell me this."
She felt His touch.
She felt the brush of His kiss.

Something stirred so deep within.
Life began to rise.
Could this be love again?
Oh, time will tell.
"But you must trust Me."

The walls torn down.
The dust will clear.
Toppled by a miracle
that conquered all her fear.
Oh yes, she trusted Him.
And once again,
love does live here.

This is dedicated to both sources of such a wonderful love,
the Lord and the Love Giver.
You both will always have my heart!


Martha's Moments With The Master