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In My Place

I pray I will never have to know
The fear that became your constant companion.
The same fear that urged you to go
In my place,
So I wouldn't have to.

I can't imagine the scenes that played before your eyes
As you went so far from family and friends
and so close to the sounds of death cries.
There were those who thought you to be nuts,
Which might have been true. :)
Cause you were willing to sacrifice all you ever knew
In my place
So I wouldn't have to.

I look at you, now, in a different light.
Not as a yuppie, but I see a man so willing to fight,
Who became part of a courageous crew
That was willing to go to a land where comforts were few
To fight for me,
In my place,
So I wouldn't have to.

It may be late and long overdue,
But I must say it anyway.
From the depths of my heart and soul,
May the good Lord always keep and bless you.
For going
In my place,
So I wouldn't have to.
You know what?
Jesus did that for me, too!
And He did it for you!

This is dedicated to my friend, Steve, and all the guys from


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