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Hold Me

Hold me
that I may know
the security of arms that won't let go.
Hold me
so I may know the beauty of the moment
that only Love can show.
For as You hold me,
the fears and hurts of the past
seem much too dim to recall.
As You reached out to hold me,
I knew beyond a shadow
that You would have my all.

I realized at the instant of Your touch,
my life could never be the same.
For I had found my haven of rest
and from it,
I could face in victory any storm that came.
I looked up to see Your smile
and the kindness of Your face.
I beheld the gentleness,
the mercy,
most of all,
the grace.

I can never forget the intenseness
as Your eyes,
they gaze at me.
The love that does shine forth
makes me so happy
for it has set me free.
Just to have You hold me
gives me pleasure
due only a queen.
to have You hold me.
You are my Rock on which I lean.


Martha's Moments With The Master