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It's Not a Feeling

"Lord, I can't feel your presence today.
What have I done to make You go away?
I see those tears streaming down your face as You hang your head in shame.
It must be my fault, Lord.
So, I'll take all the blame."
It was then I heard Him laugh.
I know that was Him.
As He said,
"Girl, you're gettin' religious again.
That's enough!
You'll be the most miserable of miserables if you listen to that stuff.
I'm your Father and I'll be with you all day
every day.
I've given you my love and it's here to stay.
It's not based on performance.
It's not the works you do.
All that won't make you worthy of what I gave to you.
So, relax and enter into my rest.
The work I've begun in you will pass the hardest test.
Talk to Me as you would a lover or your dearest friend.
I promise you I'll be with you always.
I love you, my child
and the peace I give to you
will never, never end.


Martha's Moments With The Master