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The Pillow of Dusty Blue

The Pillow of Dusty Blue

There's the story of a rare diamond
I've never shared with you before.
It lay upon its satin pillow
in the window of a store.
Oh, the owner would sometimes polish it
for he liked the attention it did receive.
The envy of the neighborhood was his desire to achieve.

He didn't really take the time to
admire the magnificence of the gem.
He only saw the prestege this diamond brought to him.
So, it lay unattended on its pillow at the store.
Such a wonder of pure splendor,
it deserved so much more.

Then one day a stranger was passing through the town.
As he walked past the window,
the brilliance caused him to turn around.
Such an object of rare beauty
should have its place among the best.
Oh, if the stranger could obtain the jewel,
he would feel so blest.

"But, I'm so sorry", said the owner of the store.
"I know it should have better care
but I've no time anymore.
Still, I can't let it go for I've had it much too long, you see.
I no longer see its elegance
but it does belong to me."

So, the stranger started on his way
with such a longing in his heart.
He gazed once more into the window
before he did depart.
There still lay the treasure
on its pillow of
dusty blue.
The sight brought tears to the stranger's eyes
for there was nothing he could do.
If you have such a diamond,
polish it with love and care.
Put it in its rightful place
and ever keep it there.
Look upon it often and
be glad it sparkles
just for you.
Then a stranger
walking the town
won't be
saddened by
a pillow of

white diamond

multicolored diamond line

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