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Da Bad Dude

The conversation you are about to witness 'may' have taken place in a small community in Green Country of Oklahoma and they could have been discussing a very special pastor by the name of Jimmy Lopez.

Hey man, what's happenin'?
What ya know?
Oh man, I feel plumb awful!
I's so full with woe!
And dere goes da dude what done stomped me down.
Can you believe he done told me I had to leave his town?

Man, he talk funny and see dat blindin' light?
I done told da boss.
I say,"bossman, dis dude's too mean for me to fight"
Da boss don't allow a no-guts show.
But da boss......
he sorry now.
Da dude from down south done ruint his plow.

He fix dis town.
Ain't fun no more.
It be the Enemy's camp now.
Dat for sure.
Dey got me so bound dere ain't no thing to do.
Why, da funny talkin' dude won't even look at me flu!
Dis town,
It be killin' with life.
Dem folks of his,
Dey won't allow even a pinch of strife.

Man, it's over!
It's done!
I got no choosin' but to go.
I may be dumb.
I may be ugly.
But dere's one thing for sure I know.

Da fire's hot!
Da battle's ragin'!
Dat dere dude in da lead is dat FLAMIN' CAJUN!

Martha's Moments With The Master