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Hear The Children

This is in memory of the precious children who went home to be with the Lord in the Oklahoma City bombing.

I hear laughter in heaven as the children run and play.
The sun is shining brightly
and in heaven, it's a glorious day.
There's no more pain and hurting,
only happiness setting little faces all aglow.
You, too, will hear the children running to and fro.

I can see the angels as they take them in their arms.
Dancing with the little ones,
safe from any harm.
You can see them as they climb on Jesus' knee.
See the joy on their little faces.
They are happy!
They are free!

When the pain has somewhat lessened
and the healing has begun,
the final chapter is yet to be written
and the victory will be won!
Know the children are with Jesus
and they're havin' so much fun!


Martha's Moments With The Master