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Awards To Honor Him

I wish to dedicate this page to each of you that honors me with an award.
I pray that the Lord will bless you more that you could ever ask or think.

Thanks, Marsha. This award is very special to me.

Thank so much, Brad and Karen. You have blessed me so much.

Thanks much, Angie. Such blessings!

Thanks so much, Kristi. More blessings!

Kristi, you have given me a double blessing. God bless you!

Marsha, you cause my cup to overflow with blessings. Thank you so much. It thrills me to call you, Friend!

Thank you so much for this award, Shirley. It is an honor to receive it.

Thank you so much for this special award. I receive it with pleasure.

It's an honor to accept this award from you, Sharon. Thanks.

Thanks so much, Chill. I receive this in the Name of the Lord.

Thank you, Bonnie. To God be the glory!


This award is from a very special person, one who is courageous and determined to please the Lord.
A good friend and brother, Mike. Thanks for the beautiful award

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