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You know what I fucking hate? Angelfire putting stupid fucking crap over my website. I've been a loyal fucking members since August 1999, and they treat me like this. Fuck you! On Metallica Related issues, I saw em in Jan, a fucking night to rememeber! I had ringing ears, a sore neck, and sore feet for over a week after the gig. Best. Night. Ever. Also, most links on this site have failed to work, I keep updating them (believe it or not) but the original party sites screw you over, and deceide Internet sucks. (Update July 16th 2004) I am sorry about the Pop ups, if you dont close them as you browse, no more should pop up, they piss me of to...I use pop up stopper, it kicks ass.
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This site is 100% unoficial, just a dedication page to a band that inspired millions of other bands, and musicians. I'm just a fan, nothing more, nothing less. Your IP address is not logged by me nor angelfire in any part of my website, so chill. Your safe. Its the porno sites you shouldn't trust, but who can't trust 2 lesbians huh? exactly!

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