My ROIO Trading List
"Fat man, big man, ha ha ha, charade you are!"-Pink Floyd

I have created this page so that other people can see my ROIO collection, and hopefully trade me for something of theirs. If you have nothing to trade, or nothing I want, then perhaps we can still work out a deal. Also, if you have something I want, but I have nothing that you want, a deal can hopefully still be made. My collection is pretty small right now, but it is getting bigger all the time, and who knows, I might just have something you want. If you are interested then please e-mail me at

All the stuff I have I can only trade to you in CD-R format, and with no artwork. I will trade only for CD-Rs and original pressings, and occasionally for MP3s, just ask me. No tapes.

I am willing to trade for nearly any Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Rush, or Dream Theater. Some other bands I might consider trading for include Nick Cave, Bob Dylan... or anything that is heavily represented in my record collection. Just ask. So now, without further ado, is my collection.

Unplugged (entire Unplugged concert)
U.S.A. '93 (Double disc set from the GAG tour; actual discs, not CD-R)
Woodstock '94 (whole concert)

Dream Theater
Asleep Yet So Afraid (Live At The House of Blues) 2/00
Covers & Rarities (TONS of covers (including rest of "Uncovered" gig), plus Change of Seasons live and other DT rarities)

Billy Joel and Elton John
Face To Face: Live In Oakland, 2001 (3 discs)
Face To Face: Live In Japan, 1998

Pink Floyd
Plays The Animals (Live At Oakland '77)
Total Eclipse: A Retrospective (4 Disc Anthology)
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live From '94 DB Tour)
The Year of The Dragon w/extra track (Live From The '87 MLOR Tour)
Crazy Diamonds (Live at Boston Garden 1975)
The Dark Side of Radio City (Live at Radio City Music Hall 1973, plus two songs from a '68 concert)
MP3 CD-R (A Disc Containing The Complete ROIOs A Trick of the Light, Cosmic Music, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Fort Worth '77, and The Year of The Dragon, and the second disc of From Oblivion in MP3 format, Note: these can also be put on CD-R separately and be traded that way)

Cygnus X Story w/ extra tracks (Live '78 Hemispheres Tour)

Music Stuff