Purpose of This Site
"So much style without substance"-Rush

I have created this site for the solo purpose of informing people about rock music. You may have noticed that my site is missing things that many sites have as far as design. This is because I subscribe to the theory "substance over style". I now people that brag about their sites, saying that they spent 4 hours working on their site to make it look good. And when you ask them what they have on it, they say "Oh, not much yet man, I've only done the index page so far.". 4 hours on one page! I don't know about you, but I'd rather have page after page after page of great information than pics and banners all over the place, however cool they look. People like that, you could look at their entire site in under 5 minutes, whereas it would take days (weeks even) to look at the whole of my site. The site that I consider the best sight on the internet (The Straight Dope) has one pic on the entire site (only a slight exaggeration)! Yet, it has many, many pages of great info as far as text goes. Sure, I like pictures too, but they should always come second, after information.

Now I would like to talk about how I made this site. I made it entirely with the Angelfire online editor, using HTML and Javascript. I didn't use any program like FrontPage to help me. That's another thing that people do that worry about looks over content, that's not me. I can assure you that nothing on my site was made with FrontPage. All this (and the paragraph above) applies not only to VoodooLord7's Webpage, but to my Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, and Rush sites contained theirin.