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Purpose of this site
I am currently looking to publish a poetry book and a critical book about Bob Dylan's songs. If anyone is interested in publishing these or wants more information, please e-mail me at VoodooLord7@hotmail.com I also do freelance editing, so don't hesitate to try me if you need anything in that line. Thanks!

My prior publications include the following:

"Pale Blue Dot."
Strong Verse (July 2010).

"Revelation: A Comedy of Justice." Murky Depths 12 (May 2010).

“Ode to the One True Saint.”
Shine Mar. 2010.

“So Long, Postmodernism.”
Shine Mar. 2010.

"My Bookshelf." Shine (to be published Nov. 2010).

“A New Beginning [Story].” Atheist Tales. Epic Saga Publishing (to be published 2010).

"A New Beginning [Poem]." The Fifth Di. Sam's Dot Publishing (to be published Dec. 2010).

"A Minor Episode in the Search for Life." The Fifth Di. Sam's Dot Publishing (to be published Mar. 2011).

"The Tide Is Turning.”
Shine Aug. 2009.

“Love Everlasting (A Theodicy).”
Shine Apr. 2009.

“The Making of Steinians.” Green Eggs + Hamlet 2005. 30-32.

“If I Forget Thee on Earth.” Green Eggs & Hamlet 2004. 52-53.

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