The Tucson TYR Reunion

Yes, this is us! From left to, my cowboy ;), Anna, Wendy is bending down in front, Jess, Pam, and Shannon is standing next to the cute cowboy #2.

Okay girls, we gotta tell you, this actor from the studios looked JUST like Josh Brolin! :)

Here we are from left to right: Cass, Kirsten, Tanya, Anna, and Jessica.

We were The Young Riders! Anna, Kirsten, Wendy, Jess, and Pam.

Do you recognize this famous cemetery?

Yes girls, Shannon really did it (as you've been hearing)...and I gotta say, she proposed to me almost as well as Kid did to Lou. ;) (Shannon, I'll never forget that moment! LOL) Hey, what do you expect, it was 102 degrees, naturally we did strange things!

Can't you just see Lou walk up to Jimmy, "Buy a lady a drink?"

Here she is ladies and gentleman...our expert and very happy rider, Wendy!!! (she was having too much fun, just for your information)

Our first day at the studio...just Kirsten, Shannon, and Anna.

Can you name the episodes in which they used this building?

Queen of the hill...or as we commonly know her, Jessica. ;)

Thanks for mailing me these pictures, Anna!

Would you ride your horse through this? We passed through this storm on our way to the studios.

The first day at the studio, Anna and I had to have our picture taken pointing at the picture of the YR cast on the main board outside. Makes sense, right? Um, sure.

We caught the first stage to Rock Creek. Unfortunately we never got there because, well...we didn't exactly have any horses...

This is a picture of the Old Tucson cast. A great bunch of people!

The Tucson reunion has been discussed for quite some time. We all wonder what some of the sets might look like (unfortunately they say many were burned down in their fire a few years back), and we wonder if the studio itself will capture some of the magic of the show.

Well, for those of you who are not able to go...we are going to do our utmost to bring the reunion to you! So please don't be too bummed if you really wanted to be there, but just couldn't make it.

My special and overwhelming thanks will have to go out to Joanna for this one! She has so willingly offered to help me out and post the events that are happening as I (hopefully) am able to e-mail her each night and transcribe some of the things that we have seen. She will then post the events and inform all of you as to what exactly is going on.

The Main Events


After meeting at the hotel and getting a few of us together, Shannon, Anna, and myself took a drive out to the studios (which was closed because it was after 6) and we were royal clowns. You should have seen us shameless girls climbing up on rocks to peer over the fences! It looks like several of the buildings are still intact...and oh, the view from there is unbelievable!! It's beautiful!! But I must say that the studio itself really surprised me. It's A LOT smaller than I thought, and most of the buildings are crammed closely together. We're not sure how many were destroyed in the fire...but we're hoping that the church is still intact. ;) We did, however, see the building/Alamo that was used in a few of the episodes...more specifically "The Exchange" and boy, talk about three girls squealing! LOL! We are thinking about going out to the studio tomorrow (Friday), but we also might head to we'll see what happens. So far we've met up with Cass, Jess, Wendy, Wendy's friend Pam, and as I mentioned before Anna and Shannon.

I guess that's about it for now! More on the Tucson reporting after we all get some sleep and have a new adventuresome day!!


A few of the girls split up and then went to Tombstone, whilst we (being the Three Musketeers...Shannon, Anna, and AGAIN, myself) went ahead and saw most of the studio. We saw the dentists office as well as the City Hall (episode Born to Hang, Gathering Clouds), as well as the Alamo. (The Exchange).....which we are sorry to say was lost in the fire. This building was a recreation...but very well done. The church *wail* is gone as well, HOWEVER, we did see the saloon. (And no, we didn't drink, but tomorrow we're getting Sarsaprilla.) The acting shows that they did were quite incredible, but there again, we did not see all of I suppose that will be tomorrows project?? It wasn't as hot as we thought, so I guess that is a highlight. The other structure that we saw was the train from "Spies". Aside from that, we managed to get threatened by the police for being out in a park past 8....WHOOPS! (he said the sign was obvious, but we SURE didn't see it! LOL So, thankfully, our beloved Joanna will not have to come and bail us out...he said it was a $160,000 or 6 months! YIKES! But our sweet charm must have done something (he fell for my line of "I'm sorry, I'm from Portland, OR, we don't have that kind of thing there!) Well, we DON'T have rattlesnakes! (which is the whole reason they don't want people out there in the dark, but that's another story.) So, tomorrow we're sticking to the city, and we'll do our best to stay out of trouble!!



We had our "official" meeting at the studios yesterday, where we met up with: Wendy, Pam, Jessica, Cassie, Anna, Shannon, Tanya, and myself. (the magnificent seven! LOL) The studio was great and we all actually found Sarsaparilla, so that of course made the events all the better. :) Some of the stunt men that went around looked unbelievably like some of the cast! There was a man there that looked exactly like Jimmy, so you can only imagine what that was like! ;) Today we're going to go horseback riding and then try to find the "watering hole" and some of the other scene areas. Also, yesterday we all *hanging head in shame* proposed to each other in the cemetery. Hey, what do you expect, it was late? Anyway, the gang has now showed up and we're getting ready to there will be more soon! Take care ya'll (I'm learning to talk like a cowboy) and I'll be in touch soon!


On Sunday we had a great time driving up to Mt. Lemon! We hiked around part of the area, and found out that they did do some filming for TYR up there. From our best guess we decided that they must have filmed up there amongst the rocks in a couple of the first season episodes. Although we didn't have specifics. That's something to research though!

Then, we returned to our hotel rooms and got together to watch some TYR before getting up at 4:45 Monday morning to go horseback riding. The ranch that we went to on Mon was fantastic! We all felt like TRUE Pony Express riders...and after the two hours, our bodies felt like it too. ;) The trail ride was beautiful though, and we were definitely out in the desert!

All in all, we had an awesome time, and trust me when I say that we are going to be planning the next one! And thanks go out to all of you wonderful friends that I met out there...Shannon, Tanya, Anna, Jess, Wendy, Cass, and girls are the best!

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