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Follows are the source notes that I have in my files on Brigadier General William Tatum WOFFORD. It is indicative of the types of notes I try to maintain in the database. I apologize that they are not in better chronological order. There is more information here waiting to be typed in. If you know of a place that we should link this page to, won't you let me know? Kristi GROSS (subject: Brig. Gen. William Tatum WOFFORD) Thanks. --Kristi

Brigadier General William Tatum WOFFORD
Born - Saturday 28 Jun 1823/1824 Habersham Co., GA
Married - 16 Aug 1859
Died - Thursday, 22 May 1884 near Cass Station, Cassville, Bartow Co., GA
Buried - Cassville Cemetery, Cassville, Bartow Co., GA
Son of William Hollingsworth WOFFORD & Nancy M. TATUM
Grandson of Benjamin J. WOFFORD and Mary HOLLINGSWORTH and First Lieut. (Rev. War) Edward TATUM and Martha DANIEL.

SOURCE CITATION: "History of Bartow County, Georgia - Formerly Cass", by CUNYUS.

SOURCE CITATION: Pages 4, 6, 47, 71, 74, 75 and 87 Carl D. LYNCH "A Collection of WOFFORD Genealogical Data (unpublished)".

SOURCE CITATION: Page 61, LYNCH, op.cit., has photograph of him. States he served as a Soldier in the Mexican War plus Brigadier in Confederate Army, Hero of Chancellorsville and the Wilderness. Have notation that he was a lawyer.

SOURCE CITATION: Page 44, CUNYUS, op.cit., states: At the beginning of the Civil War, he {Thomas Hudson BAKER} served as assistant surgeon in WOFFORD's Brigade and commanded Company K in a Georgia Regiment. At the battle of Sharpsburg (BAKER) received a wound while bearing a message from General WOFFORD to Colonel DARROT. Dr. BAKER lived in Bartow, Georgia and never married. See Document No. WOFFORD-37.

SOURCE CITATION: Page 95, CUNYUS, op. cit., states: At the beginning of the war, he {Turner Hunt TRIPPE}, with Gen. W.T. WOFFORD and Col. Hawkins F. PRICE, was elected as Union delegates to Georgia's Secession Convention from this county. They did not yield their convictions of right, but finding a majority of the convention determined to secede, voted that the action of Georgia might be practically unanimous.

SOURCE CITATION: Page 209, CUNYUS, op. cit., states: Cass {County} went overwhelmingly against disunion at the State convention on January 16, 1861. The three representatives, Turner H. TRIPPE, H.F. PRICE, and W.T. WOFFORD, from this county voted 'nay' on every vote cast, but as loyal Georgians they accepted the situation and at once volunteered for Confederate service.

SOURCE CITATION: Page 111, CUNYUS, ibid, states: The Supreme Court of Georgia was organized in 1846 and as it was a perambulating court, the March term and third session was held at Cassville. William T. WOFFORD was admitted as a lawyer to this court.

SOURCE CITATION: Page 155, CUNYUS, ibid, states: In February, 1849 at the urgent suggestion of W.T. WOFFORD, John W. BURKE, the publisher of 'The Athens Banner', came to Cassville to establish a weekly Democratic paper. The first number of 'The Cassville